Nov 7, 2007

Random Concert Thoughts

1. My body is older than my brain.

2. I pushed and shoved and moshed my way to the front, which proved to me that I still have it.

3. At one point, I thought I was going to die, because I couldn't breathe, there was so much pressure on my chest.

4. All I could think of was, "Dammit, so this is how I'm going to go. Wedged between two drunk, smelly frat boys."

5. I am stronger than I thought, because I just held on to the bar, and pushed back with my entire body, and knocked the smelly drunk boys backwards.

6. I then danced my way to the side of the crowd.

7. I stayed there, amongst the hippies and art stars, and danced until my legs burned.

8. It was awesome.

9. I'd show you pictures, but I got searched at the door, and my camera confiscated.

10. I must have been the only one, because everyone else had their cameras. Maybe one of them can give me some photos to share.

11. Thankfully, I knew a lot of people around me, because I lost the people that I went with early on.

12. Overall, it was a great concert.

13. The sound was shit, but they played some of my favorite songs.

14. I would have been happy if they had played another hour of music, even though they had already played for about two.

15. Today, it's back to reality. Have to go to work in a couple hours, and make some phone calls and clean the bathroom before I go.

16. I bet Modest Mouse doesn't have to clean their bathroom today.

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