Feb 24, 2009

Wedding Update

Daisypath Wedding Ticker

I figured it's about time to tell all of you what is going on with this wedding. Invited people have been asking for weeks if there is anything they can do to help, while some of you interweb friends just want the juicy details. After reading this, if anyone thinks of something they can help with, or notices something I might be forgetting, please feel free to let me know!

Everything is coming along nicely. The invites are out, other than a couple folks who we just can't seem to find, and the RSVP's are starting to come in. So far, there are 11 people coming, out of the 180 people we invited. I have to be honest, I would not be upset if a good chunk of people just couldn't make it. It was very hard to make the guest list. We both have huge families, and many, many friends....and even with that high number of guests, we were forced to leave out many family and friends from our special day. I hope they understand.

The caterer we hired ( who I actually worked for when I still lived in Small Town) is going to be our main man. He is doing everything, from cooking and serving the food, to setting the tables, to cleaning up after himself, to working the bar. He will be our biggest expense, but it will be worth it.

The hall is booked, but we have to wait until April to pay for it. Even though the government raised the price of camping and hall rentals in Provincial Parks, they are still giving us a good deal. I am thankful that I know all of the people who work in the park administration office, because they have been a big help getting everything sorted out. They are also going to try and let us in the hall the night before, free of charge, so we don't have to do all the setting up on the day of the wedding.

Wench is in the process of making my "draft" dress, and I am positive that the actual one will be done in time. All I have to do is still lose at least 20 pounds by the final fitting, so I don't look like a whale. My dress is actually being made from the pattern of a fairy costume...it was the closet thing to a simple hippie dress that we could find. I am grateful that Wench knows what she is doing, and can turn it from costume to wedding dress. I was thinking of wearing fairy wings, just for the hell of it. And who knows, maybe I will. I'm weird like that.... or... Smyrish has nothing to wear yet, maybe be can just wear the wings.

We do not have a wedding party to worry about, or ring bearers and flower girls...and that takes a lot of stress off of this occasion. We chose 2 "legal" friends, and as long as they show up, I don't care what they're wearing. (Okay, I do care, but at least we don't have to do fittings and such. That would suck ass.)

My old friend Shmeed is going to be the MC for the evening, and we have chosen 3 people to give toasts. We are going to rent sound equipment, and be our own DJ for the reception. We both liked that idea, because at least we can choose music that will suit the occasion, and that people actually enjoy. The playlist we make, can do the work itself.

My aunt is making us the wine, and I have put my mom and maid-of-honor in charge of choosing flowers and decorations for the tables. I do not know anything about that stuff, and they do, thank goodness. Smyrish also wants to head the decorating crew, so I've washed my hands of it. I trust that the hall and the tables will look nice, and I will have flowers to carry. We just need to plan a shopping day...hopefully when my mom comes down for Film Star's convocation in the Spring, we can get all that done.

B-Rock is going to be the photographer for the ceremony and the evening, and all we have to do is get together with him and find out what he wants to be paid, as he already knows what I want photos of.

Our honeymoon, is a week long camping trip before and after the actual wedding with a bunch of friends and family. That is all taken care of, and now all we have to do is save money, get new camping gear, and show up.

We are going to register at Canadian Tire this afternoon. I never thought of "registering" anywhere, but some friends have asked, and I thought, why the hell not. I am also hopefully meeting up with my friend Pixx Axe today, so we can talk hair and make-up.

Having talented friends, sure is making things easier. I would rather pay my friends, than a stranger.

The things we still need to do are get my ring sized, get a ring for Smyrish, find a JP, get a marriage license (where and when to do this, I do not know) ,work out the little details with the caterer, figure out exactly how we're going to do the ceremony on the beach, and pay for everything somehow. Everything else, we can't worry about until the day before..so it's not on my to-do list.

So ya, that is what's been happening so far. There haven't been any casualties, and there have only been a few minor scuffles about invites and who is doing what.

Feb 22, 2009

Grace in Small Things #12

1. Talking to my mom on the phone for an hour, and catching up.

2. A lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the TV.

3. Knowing that when I go for a swim tonight, there won't be kids splashing me.

4. The dishes are done, and there isn't any other housework to do today.

5. Only 2 more sleeps til pay day!

Feb 18, 2009

Grace in Small Things #11

It is days like today, when I find it really hard to think of the little things that are making today okay. Today is a day of exhaustion, depression, paranoia, laziness, cramps and extreme loneliness, and my only hope is that the wine kicks in soon, and I forget all about everything and everyone.

1. Patches. This dog is the cat's pajamas, and he is way more lovable than the evil fish, although I do really enjoy their insanity. It is quite entertaining.

2. An out of the blue email from a friend I see only on occasion and by accident it seems these days, that said only "I love you Abigail. I really do."

3. Smyrish taking the dog for a walk this afternoon, because even though I wanted to get out of the house, I had just woken up after my last night shift, and felt like a zombie.

4. My brother is leaving The Pub, and his friends, to come and play Super Scrabble with Smyrish and I.

5. He is the only person that asked to hang out with me this weekend and I predict some good conversation tonight...as well as many drinks.

6. After looking at pictures from karaoke on Monday, I just couldn't help but giggle. It was a really good time.

7. I have half a box of red wine, and a bottle of white wine leftover from Christmas parties. Since I have no money, and the urge to drink, this made my day!

8. My old friend Jen. She sat and talked with me for an hour last night when I got to work. I love her stories and living vicariously through her crazy single life!

9. I have taken time each day this week to do something crafty and creative and my brain is ever so thankful.

Feb 17, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

I have really been upset lately, over the fact that I never seem to have time to sit and do my crafty projects. Real "have to pay the bills" work has taken over my life. Even when I do have time to sit around and sew, or make jewellery, journals, and all the other project ideas that have been popping into my head, I am just too damn tired. I can't find the brain power to concentrate on anything more than online Scrabble or trash TV.

But, I realize now, that I need to take the time. Somehow, I just need to fit it into my day.

Festival season is coming, and I want to be prepared well in advance, and would love to have some of my new creations ready to sell. I have also been neglecting my Etsy shop, and should have taken new photos, and added what new items I do have long ago.

So that's that. Time to get my arse in gear.

But until then, check me out at the virtual craft sale over at http://cafehandmade.blogspot.com

Feb 9, 2009

An Eluardian Instance

Grace in Small Things #10

1. CBC Radio Two Morning.

2. Friends who truly understand what a night shift does to you.

3. Plans of eating greasy food and gossiping with your best friend later in the week.

4. Actually finding someone you want to get to know again on Facebook, and learning that they missed you too.

5. The book "Stuff White People Like".

6. A dog who uses a soaker pad to pee on.

7. A mom who has old piano sheet music and books you can have.

8. Brand new babies sprouting on the family tree.

9. Having an awesome mother-in-law.

10. Knowing that it is only one more sleep until pay day.

Feb 6, 2009

Grace in Small Things #9

1. Even though I got called in to work this morning, I made $100 I didn't previously have coming to me on payday.

2. The puppy is sleeping.

3. It's the V-Man's birthday, and I get to eat like a pig, and drink like a fish.

4. Typical Quirk is letting me bring Patches to the party, so I don't have to worry about noise complaints.

5. The KFC I had for lunch isn't rotting my insides. Yet.

6. Wedding invites are almost done, and should be out by Monday at the latest.

7. Smyrish has a sweet, sweet ass.

Feb 4, 2009

Hi There!

Sorry, I know I've been missing. Smyrish bought me http://abigailroad.ca for my birthday, and it took a few days to get all set up. Thanks to all who noticed the blog was missing, and sent me messages and Twits! It feels nice to be missed!

It's been a busy week so far.

We replaced our two roommates who moved out on the weekend, with a dog named Patches, and an upright piano.

The piano is lovely, and I'm slowly getting back all my piano-playing knowledge. It amazes me how much I have forgotten, considering all the years of lessons I took. Thankfully though, my brain hasn't totally turned to mush, and I figure with a few weeks of practice, I should be back on track, playing Beethoven and the "Cheers" theme song.

Patches had been offered to us to take in a couple times in the past few months, but it just was never the right time for us, or his original owners. He has been a bit of a handful, as he gets used to his new home.

He attached himself to me right away, which was cute at first, but now I think it may be a bit unhealthy. I'm not sure if he wants me to be his mommy, or his girlfriend. However, I learned today, that if I want him to give me some personal space, I should just bring out the camera. I got these two shots, after a half hour of chasing him around the apartment, as well as about 15 pictures of my slippers and the walls.

He's a cute little bugger though, and once he gets used to the place and doesn't bark continuously when we leave him alone, we should all get along famously. It will take time, and training, but we can do it.

And on that note, I'm going to interrupt his snoring and puppy dreams, and get out for a walk before Mother Nature decides to make it cold outside again.