May 12, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again....

As per usual, the Arts Festival is but a few days away, and I am positive that I did not make enough "stock" over the winter.

I have a few bags left over from last year, and I have about six that are "almost done". I have not made any jewellery to sell, and never did get around to finishing the journals I was making, because I don't have a drill. I have 4 of my weird springy vase holders, and I actually did buy vases for them, and I should have about 6 summer dresses completed before the 23rd arrives.

I know that if I use all my extra time to make bags, I could pump out a shitload in the next week. However....

I think the reason that I don't have as many wares ready to sell this year, is not because I was lazy, but because I decided quality was better than quantity. But, now I am afraid that the few quality items that I do have, won't sell...and then what?

Due to my awesomeness (hehe), I am raising some of my prices this year, and am afraid that will turn some people away. Hopefully it won't, but that's the way I am, I worry about these things.

And on that note, I should really do some sewing before I have to head off to my real job for the night. I'm working on a crazy looking dress, that I hope someone will adore.

May 11, 2009

Grace in Small Things #24

1. The smell of rain.

2. New material, and the ideas that come with it.

3. Bacardi Breezers left over from Saturday.

4. New clothes, that make me feel pretty.

5. New bras, that are a 38DD, instead of a 42DD.

6. Reconnecting with a friend on Saturday.

7. Owning our own BBQ.

May 8, 2009

Summer Nostalgia

I'm just sitting here looking at pictures from summers gone by.......

......and all I have to say is, that if it doesn't warm up soon, I'm going to lose my ever lovin' mind!

May 6, 2009

Grace in Small Things #23

1. Good-bye kisses when I leave for work, and the fact that when I just say "More!", I get more kisses. I could do it a bazillion times over, and get a kiss every time.

2. Getting to use work time, to visit friends and family ....and having them be super friendly and comfortable with my buddy from the group home....even when she yelled out "Abigail, I wiped my bum in the bathroom!" really loudly so everyone could hear. :)

3. Smyrish said he liked my hair. That compliment made my day, even though I didn't really show it at the time. I was hoping that he did.

4. Having a banker help me find money, instead of just taking it away.

5. Owning proper mannequins to display clothes on for the summer festivals.

6. Although the thunderstorm I was excited about this afternoon was sub-par, at least it didn't snow.

May 3, 2009

Road Trippin'

Scene: I've been on the highway for an hour, driving in a direction I've never been, with no destination in mind. I just needed to get away and think. As I am belting out "Hello, Dolly", I look down, and realize that if I choose to keep going, I need to find a town with a gas station. A couple minutes later, I see a grain elevator, the ultimate sign of community in Saskatchewan, and pull off the highway. I find the town hotel/bar, park, and walk in.

Bartender: Sorry ma'am, we're not serving and the offsale is closing soon too. It's Sunday night.

Me: No problem, I was just wondering if there was somewhere in this town to get gas at this time of night.

Bartender: Everyone except us closes by 10pm.

Me: I figured so. It's the small town way. Guess I'll just have to suck it up and drive back to the city.

Bartender: That's one hell of a sunburn you got there.

Me: *nods*

Bartender: So what are you running away from?

Me: Oh fuck, who the hell knows anymore.

I got back into the car, wondering why I was on the lamb. Where was I going? Where was I trying to get to? What was bothering me so much that I was about to just leave everything, for a highway I'd never been on?

I have no idea.

I chose to head home. I'm glad that I did. I learned tonight, that I don't have to leave the province to think, I just need to do some drivin', some singin', and let myself have it. After that, I'll keep on truckin'.

Grace in Small Things #22

It is warm enough for me to wear one of my new summer dresses today, and as soon as I know what my plans are for the day, I can get out and enjoy the sunshine.

The end.

May 2, 2009

Grace in Small Things #21

1. My new hair extensions look amazing, and by tonight, thy will be done. I feel pretty.

2. There is beer in my fridge. It is almost cold.

3. I only have to wait 3 more hours for human contact and conversation.

4. I don't know if she knows it yet, but Pixx Axe is getting shitfaced with me tonight, since no one else is, and we're gonna have fun dammit!

5. I went to Kronau today for the first time, for no reason at all, except to drive around, have a cigarette and kill time before my shift ended.

6. I got some sweet lovin' twice yesterday. Huzzah!