Jul 18, 2006

The Crazy Days Of Summer

So, I need a big, huge, wallop of a favor. If someone out there has the power to do so, I would like some extra time tacked on to summer. Perhaps, we can extend August by another 30 days or so. If that was possible, you would hear less, "I have no time for anything/this month is going by too feckin' fast",from me, and the world will be a happier place.

I know, July isn't even over. I'm jumping the gun, and trying to rush summer, you say? Screw that, I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to fit in all the fun and frivolity (as well as not-so-fun engagements) I have planned into 4 weeks of holidays/slacking at work. Because I am me, I will get it all done, and have a great time as well, but holy hell, one look at my day planner tells me, it's not going to be easy.

Bitch Bitch Bitch. Whine. Moan. Big Heavy Sigh.

See what happens when I have one whole day to do nothing but sit around and sew and watch re-runs of CSI? I think too much. It started this morning, when I reminded myself that I have to return my mom's cooler to her, so we can fill it with beer and whatnot for our family reunion on August long weekend. Then, thinking of the family reunion, I realized that I have to pick up Mr. Henry at the airport the night before I must head to Small Town. Whilst sewing a skirt, I decided to do inventory on my crafts, to see how much I have to sell, and realized I do not have enough stock for the three day Folk Fest extravaganza that is in mid-August, and I really have to get my ass in gear getting things created and re-designed. Thinking of Folk Fest, got me thinking about how in the hell I am going to keep the peace between myself, Mr. Henry and Mr. Head for 2 weeks. (which is a whole other story on it's own, so if you care to know what's going on, feel free to ask.)Next thing you know, TypicalQuirk walks in, and reminds me that Hobbsley wants to have a farewell toga party for himself before he leaves in August, and I realized that all my weekends prior to him leaving are already booked up, and I will have to either go without sleep, or change some plans, as well as find a really cool sheet to make into a toga. Sheesh.

You'd think the worrying and over-thinking would end there. No way, Jose.

My mom emailed me tonight, to let me know that there has been another offer on her house, and if it goes through, she'll have to be out by the start of September. Although I want it to sell, for her sake, September is just too soon. What with August being so busy, how can I start thinking of the big changes in September? Thankfully, I get to spend a week in Small Town in August, and I should be able to finangle some time to help her pack and run through the yard and fields a bit before the new owners move in, and put the kibosh on some strange Ukrainian girl frolicking in their yard.

Now that MOST of the thoughts of the day are out of my head, and in cyberspace, I can breathe easy for the rest of this here night shift, and maybe do my job. Maybe. Tomorrow is another day, and a day off at that, and all will be well, as usual. Cheers.