May 20, 2008

The Great Train Adventure of '08 (Part Three)

We left The City in flip-flops and t-shirts on April 21st,  and by the time we arrived in ToonTown two hours later, there was a blizzard so bad that we couldn't even see, and I had to dig for shoes that actually covered my feet for fear of frostbite. Luckily, by the time we got to Toronto on the 23rd, it was hot and sunny and there wasn't a flake of snow to be found.

We spent our first two days of holidays just wandering around Toronto. We must have walked about 16 hours a day. We visited a couple friends of Smyrish, and just went with the flow. No plans, nowhere to be, just enjoyed being away. My feet were killing me, but I just loved being out in the sun, and it was a trip, taking in the view of high-rises, running businessmen on Bay Street, and homeless people sleeping on grates to keep warm. By the time we left, I really had to wonder if maybe Canada should take a break from helping in other countries, and do something about our own. 

After our 2 days in Toronto, we hopped back on the train and headed to Kingston to visit our friend Hobbsley. Soon after we arrived at his apartment, we cleaned ourselves up, and he whisked us away to a Law School BBQ before taking us on a very nice tour of the city, telling us all about it's history, stopping in at many pubs along the way. We were good and slammered by the time we made our way to Skeleton Park to look for bones, grave markers and ghosts, the latter of which I swear that I caught on a couple shots on my digital camera. 

The next day, we were hungover beyond belief. That Hobbsley sure can party. We didn't get up to much, other than some more wandering, coffee and Scrabble, and pints, as I awoke with evidence that at some point the day before, I had sprained my ankle, but was obviously too drunk to remember when or how I did it. Thankfully, Hobbsley had a tensor bandage, to keep my ankle in place as we wandered on down to the ferry for a ride that night.

The next morning, we said our goodbye's to Hobbsley and headed back to the train station, and were on our way to grand ol' Montreal.

* I will post photos as soon as I learn how to work this darn computer!

May 16, 2008

Great Train Adventure '08 (Part Deux)

Although I don't necessarily feel old, my body is starting to get a bit too old to be sleeping in uncomfortable seats, benches and on cold train station floors, or so it tells me. By the time we were sitting on the train to Montreal, after our visits in Toronto and Kingston, I also learned that sitting for long periods of time with no way to put my feet up, was also hard on my body. I am not as flexible as I once was, and walking in flip-flops for 16 hours a day actually hurts my feet, and does a number on my ankles and back. Who'd a thunk it? Not this chickadee.

Other than some uncomfortable nights, the train was wonderful as usual. I love to just sit back with my headphones on, a book on my lap, and take in the Canadian scenery. It's like nothing else. To have Smyrish with me, made it all the more wonderful. It was so nice to have someone to share the experience with, especially when it wasn't so good, and the time passed more quickly, what with having someone to talk to, play Scrabble with and whatnot.

Singin' on the Train

We were both dreading the train ride home from Longlac to ToonTown. We had been very lucky in scoring good seats on our entire trip, but our luck ran out in the last couple days, when we became just two of the many cramped travellers in comfort class. We didn't sleep much, but we did spend the last of our money on beer in the bar car, laughing and talking to strangers and singing to the banjo and mandolin music that Eliza brought with her. It was a glorious way to end a holiday.

May 9, 2008

Great Train Adventure '08 (Part One)

I'm back! How is everyone? Everything okay? Anything new and interesting going on that I should know about?

We had a great little holiday. There were a few little bumps in the road, some grouchy moments, and the weather wasn't always so nice to us, but overall, it was a blast! I wasn't exactly thrilled to come home, knowing that I had to move out of the House of Pain, go back to work, and deal with other people's drama upon my return, but so far, it's been okay. I've been packing and moving since I returned yesterday at 7:00 am (after driving all night, sheesh!), and tonight Smyrish and I are heading out to a different pub to get sloshed and do some visiting with friends, and maybe after a few drinks, I'll have the guts to head to Ye Olde Regular Pub.

And on that note, I must head over to the new apartment for some leftover pizza, as I have packed all my food, and unload the boxes in my car. But don't fret, I'll post again soon with tales of our adventures in Eastern Canada.