May 16, 2008

Great Train Adventure '08 (Part Deux)

Although I don't necessarily feel old, my body is starting to get a bit too old to be sleeping in uncomfortable seats, benches and on cold train station floors, or so it tells me. By the time we were sitting on the train to Montreal, after our visits in Toronto and Kingston, I also learned that sitting for long periods of time with no way to put my feet up, was also hard on my body. I am not as flexible as I once was, and walking in flip-flops for 16 hours a day actually hurts my feet, and does a number on my ankles and back. Who'd a thunk it? Not this chickadee.

Other than some uncomfortable nights, the train was wonderful as usual. I love to just sit back with my headphones on, a book on my lap, and take in the Canadian scenery. It's like nothing else. To have Smyrish with me, made it all the more wonderful. It was so nice to have someone to share the experience with, especially when it wasn't so good, and the time passed more quickly, what with having someone to talk to, play Scrabble with and whatnot.

Singin' on the Train

We were both dreading the train ride home from Longlac to ToonTown. We had been very lucky in scoring good seats on our entire trip, but our luck ran out in the last couple days, when we became just two of the many cramped travellers in comfort class. We didn't sleep much, but we did spend the last of our money on beer in the bar car, laughing and talking to strangers and singing to the banjo and mandolin music that Eliza brought with her. It was a glorious way to end a holiday.

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