Aug 18, 2008

Pendants Galore!

For the longest time, I refused to buy jewellery, because I knew that I could make my own. Recently, I have realized though, that I'm not too fond of making jewellery anymore, and it is a really nice feeling, to buy something pretty for myself when I have the extra cash.

However, a new addiction of mine has come to light. Pendants. I freakin' love pendants. Why? Because all you need is a chain, and you can switch off your necklace however you like. Whatever mood I am in, whatever outfit I have on, I have a pendant to match.

I had been shopping around on Etsy for the past few months, looking for Scrabble tile pendants. There are TONS of sellers who do this sort of thing, and it is hard to figure out who does good work, and who doesn't. It's trial and error, I guess, shopping online. I had ordered pendants from other shops, and found that if it rained, they got ruined, or the clasps were breaking after only a couple wears. And then, I found Jesse Janes.

Her shop was amazing. I must have spent 2 hours just browsing through her work, trying to decide which 2 for 1 pendants I wanted. And then, I realized, that I had to pick a third, since she was offering freebies. For someone who has trouble making these sorts of decisions, it was a tad overwhelming. But, in the end, I ended up with three lovely pendants, and a new favorite Etsy shop.

This gal is gonna be getting a crap load of money from me from now on. Hope she buys herself something nice with it. ;)