Dec 28, 2010

Grace in Small Things #60

1. I have not had a cigarette in 14 days.

2. I have not given into the insane cravings to go out and buy a pack. Or two. Or three.

3. Three more days, and we'll be heading to Salt Spring Island to ring in the new year.

4. Husband is almost done his project.

5. Christmas money.

Dec 27, 2010

Grace in Small Things #59

1. Clean sheets.

2. Pants that are way too big.

3. Feeling creative, and having the time to do something about it.

4. Green leaves and bloomed flowers in December.

5. Leftover pork roast.

Dec 23, 2010


I don't know what it is about Christmas that turns me in to such a Grinch. Christmas used to be so much fun. It was three days of eating, and playing with my cousins, and visits with Santa, and getting presents and singing carols. As I got older, it all stayed the same, but the addition of alcohol around the 7th or 8th grade, and a new tradition of flaming Sambuca shots every Xmas Eve, just made it all even better than before.

I guess things change. My dad died, and my mom sold the farm and that changed our immediate family's Christmas traditions immensely. My cousins started getting married and having kids and moving away. I worked with mentally challenged people...they don't stop being handicapped just because it's Christmas, and their families don't always invite them home just because they're family. The group home girls and I have spent a few Christmases together, eating and laughing and snuggling on the couch, and eating some more.  I will miss that this year, just as much as I will miss seeing my cousins and aunts and uncles on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the same old places they always are.

After I got married, my mom told me that it was time for Smyrish and I to start our own traditions. She knew that we wouldn't always be able to be with her, or his dad, or his mom, all at the same time. She told me that things will keep changing, especially if we decide to have kids. Whenever I feel bad about missing out, I think of what she said. Smyrish and I haven't really had a chance to start our own holiday traditions yet, but we will, and all I can hope is that they are just as much fun as the ones I grew up with. I hope that if I am ever a mother, Santa will come to visit on Xmas Eve, and on Xmas Day, we will still all get a little tipsy and drunk dial relatives to sing them Christmas carols. I hope that I can be the one to make the big meal one day, just to try it out, and see how stressful it really is to feed your entire extended family.

Until then, Christmas will most likely remain the most stressful, guilt-ridden time of year for me. If I'm not rushing around visiting everyone and spending all my money on things people may or may not appreciate or want, I am away from them, and feeling guilty that I didn't put in enough effort to be together. Oy vey.

**BTW, I'm having another Etsy sale, just for the holidays.  Check out all the details here

Dec 19, 2010

Grace in Small Things #58

1. Getting to know other craft people on the Internet, and making connections.

2. Having a place to talk about all my handmade business.

3. An extra large hot chocolate from 7-11 with lots of mini-marshmallows in it.

4. The "Across the Universe" soundtrack.

5. I have not had a cigarette in 5 days. I also stopped crying all the time.

6. Puppies who eat carrots.

7. Curling up to watch "House" every night with my man.

Dec 17, 2010

Jealous of Your Cigarette

For the third time in 4 months, and the 46th time in 15 years, I am attempting to quit smoking cigarettes for good. I am heading into Day 4, and life has never been better. I have absolutely no finger nails left and have started to chew the skin off where they once were, my eyes are swollen and pussy from hours of crying over completely unknown reasons out of nowhere, I bump into everything, my skin is crawling, I am a total bitch, I want to kill myself, I'm having nightmares, and there are babies crawling on the ceiling. Okay, so there are no babies crawling on the ceiling, but there might as well be. I feel like a fucking junky.

The thing is, I know I can quit, 'cause I've quit before. It was hard. It was horrible. I didn't like it one bit. I almost always started up again because of the depression and the moodiness. It's hard to go to work, or do anything, when you aren't sure if you are going to burst into tears at any given moment, for any given reason. This time though, I have no job. I don't live with anyone that smokes. My large social circle has shrunk to a small triangle. My funds are limited. I am living somewhere where smoking truly is frowned upon. I can feel my body getting older, and I know that not smoking will help me feel better. I have a nicotine inhaler that sometimes helps me get through those nic-fit moments. (Although I have considered just eating the nicotine tablets...yes, I know that would kill me, but I think it might help.) I have a husband who not only puts up with all of the above withdrawal "symptoms", but hugs me, and understands me, and tells me positive things. If he wasn't here...well, if he wasn't here, I'd be going and buying a carton of cigarettes, and just giving up on myself.

Anyways, so it's been hard so far. I wish I could be like all those bazillions of people out there that quit smoking and it was so freakin' easy for them, they put their mind to it, and never even craved it again. At most, it took three days, and then they were running marathons and chairing the lung cancer association. They all hate smokers now, and pity us, and goddamn do they get on my nerves, but I wish this could be easy for me too. I really do.

I know that I cannot drink alcohol if this is to work out, and it's a good thing drinking isn't really part of my life since moving away. ( I have had  TWO beer since leaving Regina. ) Alcohol lowers my inhibitions, and is the reason I started up again last time. There is nothing better in my mind than having a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes, and that truth is sick and twisted. There has got to be something better in life, and I need to figure that out. I'm hoping that this trip away from everything and everyone will help me clear my head and help me figure out a healthy way to make myself happy. To be happy, and not have to reward myself for being happy with drugs and alcohol. If I am to drink, or even have the occasional cigarette, it should be as a treat to myself, not a damn lifestyle.

Cigarettes have been a part of me since I was 16 years old. When I started smoking, I stopped cutting my hands and arms up when I was upset. When I quit smoking, the first thing I think of doing when I'm nic-fitting is hurting myself to distract myself. It's scary. I feel like I lost my best friend. My bad-influence, unhealthy, loser best friend, that I loved despite all her flaws. Everything I have ever done has involved cigarettes in one way or another, and it's hard to change your whole way of change yourself, overnight. Or it is for me anyways. I'm not all that strong when it comes to looking after myself.

For now, I'm just going to try and chew on something other than my fingers, keep a roll of toilet paper near to wipe the tears, and hope this passes, or at least diminishes a little bit sometime before I'm old and gray.

Dec 12, 2010

What's Up

This week has been both lazy and busy. I've been mostly cooped up in the camper due to an insane amount of rain this week, but we did get out to Beacon Hill Park for the day today, and hung out by the ocean and took the pups for a walk. It was good to get out, even in the rain. 

Other than that, I've spent my week cooking and doing laundry and annoying people all over the internet trying to sell my Etsy stuff. 

I also started a new blog today, that will be mostly Etsy/craft related, so I won't have to talk shop as much over here, although I will link to it when necessary. The new blog is Go check it out if ya like. 

I was going to write a post, but now I'm tired and it's 2am, so I'll be back tomorrow.


Dec 9, 2010

A Post in Which I Reveal a Dirty Little Secret

I blame my dad, and his penchant for bringing home issues of the National Enquirer with the covers ripped off from the confectionery store in town for starting me on this downward spiral. It wasn't long after I started making my own money from babysitting and such that I started buying my own, as well as issues of Cosmopolitan. At an early age I was hooked on these trashy gossip rags, and it hasn't gotten any better, what with the vast selection that we have now. Back in the day, all you really had to choose from was the Enquirer or Star Weekly, and Burt and Loni and Tammy Faye were the only ones that had major drama to write about...and now they are everywhere, and everyone gets their 15 minutes.

I first was called out on my trashy magazine obsession  collection fondness, in the early 2000's at a party at my old house. My friend Renee ran into my bedroom and discovered the PILES of Cosmo back issues on the floor, sofa, bed and proceeded to make fun of me. She was shocked that someone like me would read such drivel. I explained that I didn't read it to get dating/beauty tips, or because I thought it was exceptional literature, but it was a form of entertainment for me, a way to give my brain a break, but still read. That was the honest to god truth.

It took a couple years, but I grew tired of Cosmo and its repetitiveness. I had to find something else to read when stressed, bored or when I couldn't sleep. Although I am an avid reader of books ( I average two a week), I realized that sometimes you just want to curl up on the couch or in bed and think about somebody else other than yourself. The job of a celebrity is to entertain you, and reading about their relationships, drug problems, pregnancies, and diva antics is entertaining whether they want to admit it or not. Thus, my tabloid magazine obsession was officially born.

The past couple years, I have spent hundreds of dollars on the damn things. Life & Style and Star get the most money from me, only because their cover prices are lower. I don't favor a certain publication more than another, I love them all equally. I find that I am reading them often enough that I can pick out conflicting stories, old paparazzi photos that are passed off as recent, if someone wore the same dress to two different events, and seriously if only Lindsay Lohan would just call me, I could help her out with an ear to listen and a slap in the face.

I know full well that the vast majority of stories about celebrities are bull-shit. I don't even know who half of the people are, because I don't watch 90% of the popular shows on television. (Seriously, who  is Taylor Momsen and what does she do? Emma Stone? Melissa Rycroft? Ali Fedotowsky? Why were they all at the same Justin Timberlake golf tournament? Why does JT golf? I thought only hockey players and Alice Cooper golfed...I'm confuzzled. Yeesh.) The last episode of The Hills proved that "reality" shows are not real at all (Thank you, Hills.), but yet I'm transfixed. When I'm standing in line at the grocery store, I can't help but read the headlines. By the time it's my turn to pay, I've decided that I need to know what Amber from Teen Mom did this time, if Brad if finally leaving that freak Angelina, and if the Glee kids really do have orgies in their trailers between takes.

It gets worse. When I first get home and find the time to read my new magazine, I only read the articles that I found interesting in the first place. Within the next couple days, I've read the articles I didn't care about, such as anything to do with a Kardashian (seriously, more useless than Paris Hilton), the Jersey Shore/DWTS/Bachelor, or any other show I don't watch ( in most cases have never watched.) Then, I re-read it. I keep stacks of these tabloid magazines for months. I re-read them over and over and over. They are my bedtime reading, my way of turning my brain off for 30 minutes before it is ready to sleep. I don't get rid of them until a) I am truly bored of them, and need to comb through and cut out pics for scrabble tile pendants, or b) my husband cleans up and throws them away. Who the hell reads the same Twilight/Brangelina/Kendra Wilkinson/Jersey Shore article 20 times over? This girl, right here. I know, it's sick.

I have been told by people more money-conscious than myself that I don't have to buy these magazines. Each one has their own site, with all the same stories on it, and sometimes more. The internet is free, apparently. What these people don't understand is, that I know that. I spend a morning every week catching up on I occasionally will check out if I'm bored. Yahoo News usually has a couple good links every few days too. But it's just not the same. I cannot comfortably lay in bed eating popcorn and curl up with a good web page, nor is it safe to take into the bathtub.  The magazine can be moved easily, folded, and it doesn't stop working if I fall asleep and drop it in hot water.

So yes, I am a tabloid junky, and I don't care who knows it. If knowing this makes you question whether or not you can be my friend, I hope that if I tell you that I think all the Twilight kids are ugly, Kristen Stewart is a worse actor than Gene Simmons, and I will never give Perez Hilton's blog a second of my time, because he's a total douchebag, makes you feel better. Now, I'm going to make some tea, and find out from OK! if Taylor Swift truly is dating Maggie Gyllenhaal's little brother.

Grace in Small Things #57

1. My hair is finally starting to grow. It's almost at my shoulders now. By summer, I may actually have long hair.

2. Sun showers.

3. Having friends who let their house be my mailbox.

4. Christmas plans with the aforementioned awesome mailbox friends.

5. Having fun searching the internet for cool things to do for New Years.

6. The locals here tell me Spring starts at the end of January. Hear that Saskatchewan? BC gets spring in JANUARY. I'm beyond excited.

7. Hats. I'm not even going to worry about my bad hair day. I found my hats.

8. I was super excited about wearing my flip-flops in October, and here we are in December, and I brought them out again. Of course, it's a little too wet to wear them on walks, but whatevs.

9. Business tips and constant support and encouragement from my cousin David. He wants me to succeed more than I do, and that's motivation right there.

10. Having a husband that knows how to get rid of the aphids in my plants.

Dec 7, 2010

Days Like Today

I love days like today. Busy, but quiet, and all the business is enjoyable. Making jewelery, taking photos, chatting on Twitter, and making homemade soup to make my husbands cold go away. Also made money...thank you, Etsy customers. You are helping to pay my SGI insurance and truck payments this month. This evening I will write and drink Sleepytime tea, and watch the rest of House, season two. By bedtime, I will be afflicted with many new ailments, but hopefully will be cured tomorrow.

Hope you had a good day too.

Grace in Small Things #56

Knowing that even though money is tight right now, everything is paid for, we have food, and we have each other. Things will get better soon.

Nov 26, 2010

Grace in Small Things #55

1. The stream that runs right behind our campsite.

2. The moss that grows on trees, roofs, fences and picnic tables.

3. The warmer temperature.

4. My new ugly, but wonderful rubber boots.

5. Catching up on all the blogs I heart.

Grace in Small Things #54

1. Finally making some money off my Etsy shop. Hopefully business will continue to be steady.

2. The TurBaconEpic video.

3. Playing "snowball fetch" with Maggie. HILARIOUS.

4. The sound that the heavy wet snow makes when it hurls itself off the evergreen trees to the ground and roof below.

5. The husband downloading Glee for me. (even if our connection is super slow)

6. Supper with cousins and  beers with an old friend.

Nov 23, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

What can I say? I don't have a job yet, and I have bills to pay. Also, I'm sick of worrying about all the Etsy stock we've been hauling around in the truck, and what could happen to it if the truck ever got stolen. So yes, I need money, and I'm a worry-wart.  I guess another reason for all this is that I've been feeling creative, what with all this downtime and all since I've arrived in Victoria, but I just can't start making new clothing, bags or jewellery until I unload some of what I have. It is a fact, that when it comes to space, we are limited.

Anyways, what I'm trying to tell you is, that I have a sale going on over at my Etsy shop, and I'm doing a little promotion as well to try and lure back some previous customers.  There are currently 49 items for sale in my shop, but there will be more by the end of this week, once I get everything else photographed and posted.

All bags and purses are currently being sold for 50% off their original sale price, and I am not charging shipping on any clothing items or Scrabble tile pendants. The sale will run until December 15th, 2010.

On top of that super amazing sale, I am asking previous customers (or gift receivers) to write a short review on my Facebook Fan Page of an item they have purchased ( or have been given). Bloggers are welcome to write a review on their blog, as long as they leave a link to it in the review section of my Facebook page. The first five reviewers before December 15th, 2010 will receive an Etsy coupon code for 50% their next in-store purchase. How's that for a deal, eh?

So, in case you are interested, here are the links:

Etsy Store ( Abigail Road Designs)

Facebook Fan Page:!/pages/Abigail-Road-Designs/454563025037

Nov 21, 2010

Grace in Small Things #53

1. The full moon bouncing off the mountains.

2. Cuban rum.

3. Laughing with my mom on the telephone.

4. The 'Riders are going to the Grey Cup, so everyone in Saskatchewan will be happy for at least a week.

Nov 20, 2010

Grace in Small Things #52

1. Space heaters.

2. Winter boots.

3. Snowmen.

4. Cuddling with my husband and fur-babies to keep warm.

5. Shovels.

6. Little birds that sit on the picnic table a chirp at me while I drink my morning coffee.

7. Four wheel drive.

Nov 18, 2010

Wanna See Some Pictures?

This is a picture of the ocean. I snapped a bunch of photos on the ferry, but it was so windy, I was afraid I was going to fall off the boat, so unfortunately none of them turned out very well. I'm glad I didn't get any photos of  a whale, I would have shit my pants. Whales scare the hell out of me. Maybe it's because they're so big. Now that I'm thinking of it, it's possible that I have a phobia of things that are enormous, because I'm also afraid of seeing the planet Earth from above,  mountains, and large birds.

This is what we live in. We call it "The Little Green Bean" and the " Gypsy Caravan that Love Built", but most people call it "An Ugly Piece of Shit". Never to our faces though, 'cause that would be mean. Other than the occasional roof leak, it's pretty sweet, and we're happy in our home on wheels. Oh, and if you want to send us anything, our address is "42".

While walking on a beach in Vancouver, we came across this piece of "art". It makes me think of dinosaurs, or something Fred Flintstone might put on his BBQ. Come to think of it, I'm not afraid of dinosaurs, I think they're super cool, so that rambling in the first paragraph about a possible phobia doesn't quite work. I'll put some thought into it and get back to you.

These are our dogs. Their Separation Anxiety Disorder has gone from mild to moderate when we had a home, to severe, since we left Saskatchewan.They seem to be enjoying the trip though. They've met some other dogs, and have had the opportunity to pee on many trees that they never had the chance to pee on before. Anyone who has any tips on how to train dogs to chill the fuck out, please email me asap.

And, that's all for now.

Nov 15, 2010

We're on the Road

We finally departed Regina for British Columbia at the beginning of November. I can honestly say I don't remember the date, and I'm not even positive of today's date either, but I'm sure I will find out after I hit "publish post" when I'm finished typing up this here update. It's only been a week or so though, and it's been a long one.

We took our time driving out to Vancouver, making stops to visit my husbands relatives in Calgary and Armstrong, a night of camping in Banff, and many Tim Hortons stops along the way. (Thanks to those who gave us the gift cards!) This was my first time out west since I was 19 years old, so even though I have technically seen all of these places before, my memory isn't so good, and it's like seeing everything again for the first time.

We've spent our time in Vancouver visiting with friends, camping out in Walmart parking lots, and waiting for Rogers Wireless to send us a new Rocket Hub so we can get back on the internet and the telephone. Unfortunately, we hit Vancouver at the exact wrong time of year, and it's been gray and rainy, and it just isn't the place for us right now. We decided not to push our luck in the Walmart parking lot in Burnaby, and have decided to stay in an RV park in Tsawassen for a couple nights before we bite the bullet and pay for the ferry to get over to the island, where the sun shines. We will be staying on the island for awhile, due to the amount it will cost to get over there, but we haven't quite decided where we will be parking as of yet...that will be something to talk about in the morning.

So far, our gypsy adventure has been great. It's a pretty nice feeling knowing that you can just pack up and go whenever you want, and we will continue to keep trying new places on for size.


Oct 13, 2010

Grace in Small Things #51

With our departure date getting closer and closer, I've been spending a ton of time worrying about all the things that aren't ready yet, getting nervous about leaving those I love, and driving Smyrish crazy at the same time. All this anxiety has started to take a toll on my body and my mind. So, I am taking some time here today to think of all the good things, and centre myself, and try to push out all the negative thoughts that have been consuming me the past couple weeks.

1. The furnace and the stove are working in the camper. We won't freeze, and we can eat proper food again!

2. It's October 13th, and I am wearing flip flops and a summer dress.

3. I should have all the curtains finished by Friday night. Privacy, here we come.

4. It's been three weeks, and I have yet to give in and buy a pack of cigarettes.

5. I am not a hoarder.

6. The dogs can be outside as much as they need to be.

7. Sears Mastercard and HSBC are no longer a part of my life.

8. I will get to see many friends and family members at social gatherings in the next 2 weeks.

9. I am comfortable in this camper. It feels like home.

10. My husband is willing to help me with everything I need to get done for myself, as long as I ask.

11. Plans for Christmas in California.

12. Eight more shifts at work. Only eight more. Eight. I can do it.

Oct 10, 2010

Thanksgiving and Camper Living

Well, we've officially been living in our Scamper Camper since the 29th of September, and today we are "celebrating" our first holiday in our home on wheels. When I woke up this morning, Smyrish asked me what I was thankful for, and due to the lack of caffeine,and a liver full of vanilla vodka, all I could think of for an answer was "Pillows, I'm thankful for pillows." He one-upped me by telling me he was thankful for his beautiful wife, his home that can go anywhere and the dogs. He's a smooth operator, that one.

So far, camper living has been both fun, and challenging. Anyone who knows me, knows that I like things to be neat and tidy, and everything needs to be in its place. The last couple weeks, I've been struggling with the fact that everything isn't in its place, because we are still doing work on the camper, and there just isn't anywhere to put it all yet. Hopefully this week it will all get put together. I'm sure the fact that I'm still getting used to not smoking hasn't been helping my attitude, but this morning I feel refreshed and positive, and I know that it can only get better from here. It has been nice to have a yard for the dogs, and the weather has been positively splendid, and I feel like I'm getting to enjoy a few more weeks of summer camping.

Smyrish has been working his ass off getting everything working, and I've been doing mostly nothing, due to my lack of knowledge in all areas of construction and electronics, so I'm just waiting for my turn to be productive. I'm making curtains, and today I will start making new cushions for our benches, and then it'll be time for us to make this house on wheels a home. I'm starting to get really excited about hitting the open road, even though in the back of my head, I do have a few worries. The unknown can be both exciting and terrifying.

The next couple weeks are going to be insanely busy, trying to get all our affairs in order, getting the camper done, and saying good-bye to all our friends and family. We've got birthdays, a wedding and our official going away party coming up, so with any luck, we'll get a chance to visit with everyone at one of these functions.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank everyone who has helped us work on the camper, given us a place to park and live, and has been positive and encouraging and helpful when hearing of our travel plans. We know we're crazy, so it's nice to know that you're all okay with it.

Now go out and enjoy the sunshine and record breaking temperatures.

Sep 21, 2010

The Final Countdown

In nine days, we'll be living in our camper in V-Man's backyard. Nine days. That's just crazy how quickly the end of the month came. I've been on holidays from work for 3 weeks, and have been packing and cleaning and trying to get all the "inside" stuff done, while Smyrish works on the camper. The camper has turned out to be a lot more work than we had originally expected, and I'm not gonna lie, I am getting worried that it won't be ready in time. But, I do have faith in my husband, it will be. It has to be.

We've decided to leave here on November 1st and head to British Columbia. Once there, it is still up in the air about where we're going to settle down first, but after we stop in and visit some friends and family along the way, I'm sure we'll have a clearer idea of where we want to go.

Aug 18, 2010

Me So Sleepy!

I don't know what it is, but for the last week or so, I just can't get enough sleep. I feel like I'm going into winter hibernation mode early, craving a warm bed and homemade soup all day, every day. For instance, I slept for a good 9.5 hours last night, but I literally dragged my body from my bed at 11:30 this morning, and only because my bladder was so full that I figured if I didn't, I would have some explaining to do when Smyrish saw what I had done to the mattress. I guess I could have just blamed the dogs though, now that I think about it.

Maybe that's my problem. I'm spending too much time with the dogs. All they do is bark, poop and sleep, not unlike me.  They are sleeping right now, because pooping on the kitchen floor was hard work, and they need to re-energize in case someone comes to the door and they need to bark uncontrollably.

Maybe when summer comes back, I'll feel a bit more alive. But until then, me thinks it's time to lay down and have a nap.

Aug 10, 2010

Movin' Right Along

Well, things are starting to come together as we get closer to our departure date. I'll admit, I was getting a bit worried, and there are still a couple financial things I need to deal with before I can leave here, but I'm trying to think positive, and hope it will all get sorted out asap.

I recently traded my good friend Mabel the Ford Focus for a Ford F150, and that same week, we found a camper that our pocket books and the new truck can handle and will meet our needs for the time being. We are going to give notice at our apartment on September 1st, and as of October we will be living in a friends yard in our camper. We are hoping to be gone shortly after Halloween.

The apartment is getting to be pretty sparse. The rest of the furniture will all be gone in the next week, and we have been spending a lot of time sorting, selling, organizing and throwing out items. I must admit, seeing the apartment in the state it is in now saddens me. I've never felt "at home" in any place I have ever lived in, until I moved in here with Smyrish and Das Piper. This apartment has many many memories, good and bad, since before I became the new roommate in a long line of roommates this place has housed over the past eight years.

This apartment has seen its share of laughter and tears, fist fights and sexy times. It's seen us through dinner parties, clothing swaps, and countless visitors who just needed a couch to sleep on, and a shoulder to cry on. I was here when I learned that my dad had died, and was given a bed to lay on and cry until morning. This was my first home with my husband, and we made it our own once we had it to ourselves. Our neighbors and caretakers are a bunch of characters that deserve their own sitcom,  and the neighborhood is my favorite in this entire city.

Moving will be bittersweet for me. I want to go, I need the change of scenery, but I'll be bawling my eyes out when we close the door for good next month.

Grace in Small Things #50

1. Today is my first day back at work after a 2 week holiday, and it is raining. Makes going to work easier when you aren't missing out on sunshine.

2. The kitchen is cleaner than it has been in weeks.

3.Catching up with long lost friends at Folk Fest.

4. Smyrish is organizing his stuff.....he has lots and lots of stuff.

Jul 16, 2010

Where the Heck Have I Been?

According to my StatCounter, there are still people that come to this blog. Considering I haven't posted anything relevant in months, I find that to be pretty darn cool.  The past few months have been a tad crazy, and I just wasn't comfortable writing about the goings-on in my life on the Internet until now.  So thank you to those of you who stuck around to see if I would come back.

I don't even really know where to start. Since we returned from Cuba in February, our lives have been one big stress-ball of change ( good and not so good). I don't really want to go into too much detail about the bad, because I'm trying to be positive and just look toward the immediate future. However, after some major financial troubles, almost being evicted from our apartment and having nowhere to go, family drama, and then realizing that things just weren't working out as planned here, we have decided to hit the road, and go in search of a more exciting life and better weather.

Smyrish and I have been talking about moving away since last September when we went to California, so I didn't think it would really come as a huge surprise to our family and friends that we had actually decided to leave Saskatchewan this coming Fall. Apparently, it was a surprise to some, and I have learned that our life choices bring out the best and worst in people that it really shouldn't affect in any way. But that's a whole other story to tell on another day.

Basically, Smyrish and I have decided, that since we aren't sure where we want to settle down yet, we are going to buy a used RV, and live in it as we travel around the west coast of Canada, the States and Mexico. We will work where we can, and I plan on doing as many craft shows as possible, and hopefully vending at some music festivals as well. We have passports, and are going to get work visas, and all that jazz, and if we like a place, we will stay there for a bit, and if not, we will move along.

Contrary to popular belief, we have thought this plan through, and we are both very excited about it. We are trying to be responsible and organized in our planning, we are working on getting rid of the debt we do have before we go, as well as selling all of our belongings, and "practicing" living without creature comforts like a 52" television, a Wii and furniture. We're figuring out what is important and what isn't, and on a whole, it's been a big learning experience for me so far, and we haven't even left.

We don't know just yet how long we will be gone for, where we'll end up, or if we're coming back here at all. We are just going to take it as it comes, and hopefully it all works out for us.

I'll keep you posted. I promise. :)

Apr 22, 2010

Today Sucks.

If I could actually type out my sadness and rage at this moment, I would.But I can't.


Apr 19, 2010

Grace in Small Things #49

Coming home after a very long day of work, and your husband has put out beer, chips, and set up Law and Order SVU on the television because he thought you'd like that.

Thanks honey.

Apr 7, 2010

Workin' My Butt Off....

Only a month and a half or so until the Cathedral Arts Festival, and this is all I have. Argh.

Apr 1, 2010

Grace in Small Things # 48

It's days like today, when the whole idea of Grace in Small Things really makes sense to me. After a mostly stressful day of worrying about countless things, and feeling like my little world is starting to crumble around me, it is nice to be able to sit back at the end of the day and know that even on days like today, good things do happen.

1. The Wii says that I am no longer 44 years old, I am 31. Since I actually am 31, this makes me happy.

2. Putting off spring cleaning to drink coffee and visit in the courtyard with Knuckle Toes for 4 hours or so.

3. Smyrish bought us a tent trailer at a garage sale for $100. It needs a lot of work, but we're both happy to do it. Camping with the dogs will be so much easier this summer, and I won't have to try and crawl off an air mattress with my gimpy leg in the mornings.

4. Jezzella didn't seem angry that I missed her when she came by for coffee. We will just reschedule.

5. Finding the time to cut and pin dress patterns.

6. Pork chops and rice. Yum.

7. Even though he had a bad day too, Smyrish still laughed his wonderful laugh twice today.....I loved it so much, it gave me shivers.

8. Sixteen rolls of toilet paper for $2.49.

9. Maggie chasing her tail for a good five minutes.

10. The weather was so nice today, I didn't even need a sweater.

11. Tomorrow, the bicycle comes out for the season.

Mar 25, 2010

Phone Conversation

So, my dad called me last night. In a dream of course. I haven't dreamt about him in a couple years, and if I remember correctly, I was just as mentally unstable and stressed at that point in time, as I am right now.

I dreamed that he had called me, and woke me up. I told him I missed him, and loved him, and he should really call more often, as I don't have any way to get ahold of him. He told me he had been busy golfing and visiting people, and knew that I was busy too. I told him all my current woes, all the things I just don't want to talk to anybody in real life about. I got a ton of shit off my chest.

He reminded me that I can fix anything, and everything will work out in the end, if I just quit the pity party, and figure out what I need to do. He told me not to forget about the things I want to do, and to find the time to do them, and not to worry about all the things that other people want me to do,like have kids, buy a house, etc. , because I shouldn't have to change my lifestyle just to make someone else happy. He said that if I don't watch out, life will get boring and monotonous, and he didn't want that for me. He reminded me that risk taking is a part of who I am, and even when it doesn't work out, I am happier for at least trying.

After all the serious talk, I told him about my dogs, and Smyrish and how I'm going to visit mom next month, and how I can't wait for summer to get here, so we can camp and go to festivals and such. He told me he had a lot of fun things planned too.

He ended our conversation very abruptly at that point and said he had to go, as he normally would, and left me yelling into a dial tone, asking when he was going to call me next.

Mar 23, 2010

House in Sepia

House in Sepia
Originally uploaded by Abigail Road

Fresh Start.

As you can see, the only thing I could do to fix the whole Haloscan mess, and get rid of JS-Kit, was to start from scratch. This upset me at first, but I am trying to be positive. The blog needed a new look anyways, and I should have gone through all the links, buttons, etc., long ago. Please bear with me as I teach myself how to redesign this blog, and learn more about the internets.

My old comments from Haloscan are still missing, but my husband assures me that when he has a free day, he will try and get them back to the posts of which they belong, and if not, I will just spend my morning coffee sessions moving them one by one to the right posts. I honestly have nothing better to do anyway. I was probably just going to spend my time playing online Scrabble.

So, that's the story. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. I'm going to get out in the sunshine with the doggies, and then go check out Alice in Wonderland.


Mar 1, 2010

Taking Out the Garbage

I live in a neighborhood that a lot of people would deem as "scary", but I've got to tell you I don't find it scary at all. I find it to be "eclectic". Sure, there used to be a meth lab across the street, and there are a couple hookers on the corner, but they don't bug me, and I don't bug them. I find it highly entertaining to watch people party it up and drink Listerine in our parking lot, and have met many interesting folks who have just left the hospital that is right behind us, after a stint in the psych ward. In the past 4 days I have been asked my three different strangers if I could give them a ride somewhere (of which I declined of course), and I know that if I smoke on the front step, somebody is going to stop and bum one off me. (which is why I usually smoke in the courtyard, which is somewhat private).

A couple days ago, Knuckle Toes' boyfriend warned me to watch out for members of the Native Syndicate wandering around by the hospital. He had a less than pleasant encounter with one of them who wanted a cigarette, and even after getting one from him, was still intimidating. I took note, but figured that since I tend to stay away from the alley, I'd be fine.

This morning at 8:30am, I decided that it was high time I took out the pile of garbage at the front door, and headed out with the Ewoks to the dumpster. A teenager stopped on his bike, and watched us do our thing. On the way back to the building, he asked for a light. I said sure, and handed it to him.

" You know, I'm part of a gang, I'm in the NS." he says to me.

" Really? I'm part of this Ewok gang here."

" No really, I am. A couple guys are in the hospital, and I'm just waiting for them."

"That's nice of you. Y'know, you shouldn't really be telling me that. What if I was a cop?"

" You're not a cop, you look too nice."

" Aw, shucks. Can I have my lighter back now?"

"Sure, do you want a cigarette?"

" No thanks, just had one. See ya later."

He followed behind me, pushing his bike.

"What kind of dogs are those?"


"They're cute. My mom would like them."

"You can't have 'em."

" No, that's not what I meant."

" I bet your mom would like it even more, if you weren't telling strangers in alleys that you're a criminal. You should keep those things to yourself."

"Shimay, get worse!" *laughs*

"See ya later kid."

"Have a nice day lady!"

And he walked away chuckling.

I'm pretty sure, that if he is actually part of the Syndicate, he isn't going to last long. He doesn't have enough evil in him yet.

Feb 23, 2010

Grace in Small Things #46

1. Friends who don't get bitchy with you when you have to cancel plans with them.

2. Co-workers who are jones-ing to buy my stuff at the Lumsden Spring Sale on March 6th.

3. Snausages. They make the dogs happy, which in turn, makes me happy.

4. Maggie's snaggle tooth.

5. A husband who fixes mannequins, and blog comments (hopefully).

6. Not having to be on-call everyday anymore. I can just ignore the phone on my days off.

7. A silent apartment.....for the next few minutes anyways. :)

Feb 22, 2010

My Day Off

After a busy weekend of work, socializing and cleaning, I had planned for a quiet Monday off, catching up on my PVR'd programs, and eating chips, basically nothing. It's not working out the way I planned. It's only 3:00pm, and I'm pooped.

"Nothing" has consisted of an early morning meeting, a trip to the pet store, three loads of laundry, a pile of dirty dishes, making Scrabble tile pendants, incessant phone calls from work ( that I am not answering), a hunt for loonies for the dryer to finish the laundry, and I have cleaned up dog shit no less that eight times since noon. (no idea what the little fuckers ate, but it's not agreeing with them.)Oh, and I also decided to cook a fancy supper of roast chicken, scalloped potatoes and veggies because I'm a good little housewife.

I'll be in bed early tonight. :)


I'm sure you've noticed, but my comments are missing. Haloscan changed to something else, and because I couldn't figure out how to move them, I decided to go with the "new" commenter that they've switched to, for the 30-day free trial, and put Smyrish to work figuring out what I can do. Unfortunately though, Haloscan didn't automatically switch my comments over like they said they would, and now are saying my blog doesn't even have Haloscan on it. Argh. Anyways, if anyone has any ideas as to how I can save my comments and get them back up and running, please email me.

Feb 18, 2010

Slow Dancing With Renee

Back in the day, when I still lived at the House of Pain, and I was a million years from ever being married, the highlight of my week, was dancing to the last song on Saturday night. Brenan would play some Rage Against the Machine, let the crowd get crazy, and once they dwindled, Wilco would come on.

I never had a boy to dance with, and neither did Renee. We would drunkenly find each other, embrace each other, and she would put her head on my bosom. We would spend that last four minutes of our night slow dancing, singing, and watching Brenan dance with Tarus.

People tell me that those hard partying times of my life were useless, embarrassing, days I should regret.

To those people, I say nobody, nobody can eat fifty eggs.

Why would I ever regret the greatest days of my life?

Fun is fun, no matter where it was had, and you'd have to pay me a shitload of money to ever regret a moment spent with good friends and good music.

Feb 9, 2010

Grace in Small Things #45

From my travel journal, January 26th, 2010.....

1. I didn't have to spend my 31st birthday in a blizzard.

2. Swim up bars.

3. Being able to communicate and laugh with the Spanish couple at the bar, even though we couldn't speak each others languages.

4. Smyrish did not pass out drunk at the restaurant during dinner, and I didn't puke.

5. Even though I can't really remember dinner, I'm pretty sure we had a good time.

6. Sometimes, a great bartender, is just what you need.

Feb 6, 2010

Varadero Day One

From my travel journal (January 23, 2010)......

After five days in Havana, full of its "jinertos", odd smells, good music and interesting people, we headed to our resort in Varadero. Having never been to an all-inclusive resort before, I had no idea what the deal was, or what to expect.

After we checked in and were walking to our villa, I was reminded of the movie "Dirty Dancing". Ever since that moment, I have kept my eyes open for Patrick Swayze and Lenny Brisco from "Law and Order". Then, after seeing what I can only assume are the staffs quarters, I am positive that the real fun happens after the Caribbean dancing ends and the free bar closes, and that Lenny is around here somewhere, fixing all those botched abortions while Mr. Swayze teaches all the young tourist girls that their hips don't lie.

Side note to the Palinode: Smyrish has informed me that he's never actually sat down and watched Dirty Dancing, so I will have to get that DVD back from you. I know it's only been a couple years since I borrowed it to you, so I hope you're done with it. Thanks. :)

** I am fully aware that Lenny and Mr. Swayze have passed away.

Feb 5, 2010

Photos from Cuba

View of the Yayabo River, near Sancti Spiritus.

Juan Valdez? (near Trinidad)

A view of my toes, and the Atlantic Ocean, (Varadero)

Trinidad, from above.

Catamarans and kayaks at the end of the day. (Varadero)

Myself, George Burns, and our bitches, kickin' it in Havana.

The Young Communists building. (Havana)

Boys fishing by The Fort. (Havana)

Feb 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, we made it back safe and sound from the Communist Republic of Cuba. It was a great trip, lots of fun, very eye-opening and full of memories.

I had planned on blogging throughout my trip, however, once there, I realized that was out of the question. Access to the internet is not only limited and slow, but very expensive ( about 8-10 dollars per hour, ouch.)

Once I learned that, I thought that I would just write in my travel journal, and then promptly realized that I had left my journal on my desk at home. Sheesh. I did get some writing done though, thanks to hotel stationary and Scrabble score sheets, and will post some of my entries here over the weekend. I am also hoping Smyrish will do a guest post and give his side of the story.

Hope the past couple weeks have been good to you all.


Jan 18, 2010

It's Time!

Well, one more sleep, and Smyrish and I will be in Cuba. We're hitting Havana, Varadero and Trinidad. I am all packed, and ready to go, and now to wait until 6am.

See you all in a couple weeks!

Jan 6, 2010

Grace in Small Things #44

1. Patches is doing better everyday, and is back to his old self after his dog attack. Smyrish and Maggie are okay too!

2. Three new pairs of sweatpants!

3. I found my passport....Cuba, here I come!

4. I've lost 4 pounds, and a 1/2 inch off my thighs since starting the Wii Fit.

5. Every time I look at Maggie's Salsa Face, I giggle. FYI - when your dog sticks her face in a pile of salsa, it is not easy to clean off, and afterwards, they smell like spicy garbage.

6. A new bathing suit that minimizes the immense size of my belly.

7. I don't have to train any new staff tonight! I can just go in, and work, without being on my best behavior!

Jan 4, 2010

For Stacy

Nirvana, Live @ Reading.

Letters From A Porcupine

Jan 3, 2010

Grace in Small Things #43 - Thank You Edition

Thank you, Mom and Dad for knowing that a degree in university isn't everything, and that the world needs plumbers, computer gurus, truck drivers, retail workers, cooks and nurses, as well as writers, artists, musicians and politicians.

Thank you, for never paying me for "A's" in school.

Thank you, for never making me feel stupid if I got a bad grade, when I tried my best, and thank you, for giving me shit and/or encouragement, to make me try harder, when you knew I was slacking.

Thank you, for supporting all of my extracurricular activities, and for finding the money to support me, even though I knew you didn't always have much extra to give.

Thank you, for being proud of me, and the work I do now, even though it didn't take any "education" to get here. Some parents would not approve, as I didn't have to take a class in Greek Mythology, Women's Studies, Basket Weaving or fail Logic 101 four times, to put myself $40, 000 in debt to get where I am.

Thank you, for being willing to help out, if your child's education did cost that much.

Thank you, for teaching me from birth, that it doesn't matter how much money a person makes, they can either be a nice guy, or an asshole.

Thank you, for moving back to Small Town, and raising us on our acreage, and teaching us, ( although we weren't always grateful), that you have to work hard to survive sometimes.