Dec 7, 2010

Days Like Today

I love days like today. Busy, but quiet, and all the business is enjoyable. Making jewelery, taking photos, chatting on Twitter, and making homemade soup to make my husbands cold go away. Also made money...thank you, Etsy customers. You are helping to pay my SGI insurance and truck payments this month. This evening I will write and drink Sleepytime tea, and watch the rest of House, season two. By bedtime, I will be afflicted with many new ailments, but hopefully will be cured tomorrow.

Hope you had a good day too.


dk said...

damn I miss your sometimes smiling mug and get out of my face attitude. sounds like a good day to me. Amanda's dress fits perfectly and she looksa like a princess. As for me - I ordered two more bathing suits last week. that gives me 4 for the beach. And the new capris I ordered ALSO fit. Thank you makers of apple bottom. Finally. I dyed the gray/white out of my hair 2 days ago and not one soul has commented. rastards!
Love you bebe!

Abigail Road said...

Sounds like things are good on your end too! Love you!