Dec 9, 2010

Grace in Small Things #57

1. My hair is finally starting to grow. It's almost at my shoulders now. By summer, I may actually have long hair.

2. Sun showers.

3. Having friends who let their house be my mailbox.

4. Christmas plans with the aforementioned awesome mailbox friends.

5. Having fun searching the internet for cool things to do for New Years.

6. The locals here tell me Spring starts at the end of January. Hear that Saskatchewan? BC gets spring in JANUARY. I'm beyond excited.

7. Hats. I'm not even going to worry about my bad hair day. I found my hats.

8. I was super excited about wearing my flip-flops in October, and here we are in December, and I brought them out again. Of course, it's a little too wet to wear them on walks, but whatevs.

9. Business tips and constant support and encouragement from my cousin David. He wants me to succeed more than I do, and that's motivation right there.

10. Having a husband that knows how to get rid of the aphids in my plants.

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