May 9, 2011

Grace in Small Things #67

1. Husband is working and will be bringing home the bacon soon.

2. I am working, and will be bringing home some bacon of my own.

3. Payment plans sorted out.

4. I got to go dancing on Saturday for the first time in months.

5. Knowing who your real friends are. :)

May 6, 2011

Poor House.

I've been sitting here thinking, and I am pretty sure I have not been this destitute before ever in life. When you couple the fact that I literally have $2.00 to my name, and am living in a camper with no running water in a friends back yard, it sounds pretty effing pathetic.

It's not like we're starving to death or anything, flour and water can make all sorts of things. I can still make a big pot of soup with some of the cupboard remnants. The Internet and a telephone is nice, but not necessary in the grand scheme of things I guess. It is warm enough to walk everywhere, so it's okay that the truck is almost on empty, and the payment is going to bounce. Right? Think positive, and positive things will happen is what I tell people.

Really though, by the end of the month, we will both have a couple paychecks, and will be able to catch up on everything, and throw our landlords a few bucks if me and my handy dandy budget get our way.

It's just hard. We are both working so hard, we haven't even seen each other much since we got back to Regina, and while we're working so hard, things are going unpaid left and right. I hate getting behind like that. It's embarrassing, and stressful...and embarrassing. Bah!

At least I found my keys. That's one less expense I will need to worry about.

Update: Right after posting this, my brother showed up and gave me a donation so I could keep my phone and internet. He's the most superest person in the world. You should read his blog @ 

I also finally got a hold of someone at BMO that not only  lived in Canada, and not India or Russia, but in Regina...she helped me sort out my truck stuff  and gave me many words of encouragement in getting through this stressful time. She told me it will all be over soon, and by the end of the month, all will be well. She is also the most superest person in the world.