Feb 10, 2012

Being Silly

While putting away our groceries last night....

Me: It's 11:11! Make a wish!

Smyrish: I wish to have sex with you tonight!

Me: Aw, you said it out loud, now it won't come true!

Gonna have to teach that boy the rules of wishing.

Feb 1, 2012

Grace in Small Things #72

1. Smyrish brought me coffee in bed, and my vitamins too.

2. I still have half of my Italian Star Deli sandwich to eat for lunch today. Thank you, Knuckle Toes, for hauling it across 2 provinces.

3. I unsubscribed from all pregnant people on Facebook...I don't have to "hear" their complaining anymore! ( or until I am ready)

4. Sixteen days til my brother comes to visit!!!!

5. I added more change to the vacation jar.