Apr 16, 2008

See You Soon!!!

Since I will be gone (and I just know you'll all miss me), and I most likely won't be updating until I get back (with many wonderful tales of The Great Canadian Train Excursion of '08) due to limited InterWeb access, and a hate I can't explain for most internet cafe's, I am leaving you with this run-on sentence, some links to posts by other bloggers, and sites I think you should check out, in my absence, 'cause they are A-OK.


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Cramming for the Arts Fest

With my three week vacation starting on Monday, I realized today that time is a tickin', and I don't have much time to get ready for the Arts Festival on May 24th. Currently, the only stock I have is what is listed in my Etsy Shop and a few things that I have had forever and have never sold at any festival, which is why they aren't listed on Etsy. I have decided not to take my Etsy items to the festival, because that would make life a tad more difficult than I would like it to be, what with all the de-listing of items the next day, when I will most likely be hungover.

Every year, I worry about not having enough stock, and this year is no different. However, I have decided that quality will rule over quantity, and I would just like to have a bunch of cool bags/purses and a handful of jazzy jewellery to lug around and sell, rather than a crapload of well, crap. It is only a one day affair, so I figure, the easier I make it, the better.

Over the past few months I have started quite a few bags, but haven't finished them, and they are now in a pile I call, "almost finished."

My bed is now housing the pile of material I bought at Value Village today,

And I put my clothes in my dresser drawers, so I could place all the patterns I cut out on top of it.
And yes, Swiss Cheese crackers help me in my quest for creativity. As well as a couple cans of Labatt Lite beer.

So, in the end, I didn't get any sewing done tonight, but I now have 8 "patterns" cut out, 6 bags that are almost done, and my what-I-assume-are-shitty-because-no one-will-buy-them older wares are sorted and ready to be ironed.

And that counts as work too. From here on, the fun begins, as I get to sit at my sewing machine, and put these piles of scraps together into funky accessories that I will stuff into a Rubbermaid container until I get to show them off and hopefully make some money, honey.

Apr 12, 2008

Pay Up!

bedroom toys

Even though I have tattoo's, like to travel, and eat spicy food, according to this quiz I took after reading Neilochka's post, as a gigolo, I am only worth $933 per hour. That amount of money is close to what I make bi-weekly as a group home supervisor, so I think I just may stick with my day job, since I'm guessing that there is less of a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and beatings from my pimp are quite minimal at this time. Although, working only 2 hours a month to make the same amount of money is quite tempting.

I'm guessing that my price would have been higher, had I said I was bisexual, but I didn't say it, 'cause I'm so over that.

Apr 9, 2008

It's Almost Time!

In approximately 12 days, Smyrish and I will be off to Toon Town to catch the train, and head to Eastern Canada. I can't fucking wait. I need a holiday like nobodies business, and I am thrilled that I have somehow lucked out and my rotation has helped me get twenty-one days off of work, when I only asked for fourteen.

I am mostly excited to have an adventure with the boyfriend, on my most favorite form of transport, and can't wait to sit down and make some final arrangements and travel plans.

It's gonna be a blast. Visiting friends, drinking on the train, meeting new people, seeing new places.......all my favorite things.

And for the first time in my travelling life, I have more than enough money to do it, and have everything at home taken care of at the same time.

Woo hoo!

I Am Aglow

I should hate you, and I did for awhile. I don't hate you anymore. I feel like I need you in my life. That same feeling I had when I met you, and told you I wanted to be your friend. And no, I never introduced myself as, "Anne". We've got too much in common, and now I know that you are just looking out for me, and want me to be happy. As of tonight, I know you want me to breed. But I've got to say, it's my party and I'll breed when me and Smyrish want to. ;)

I sometimes want to take your lips, and pinch them together so you can't speak, and force you to listen to what is being said. Sometimes, I wish that the mother of your child and I didn't have the issues that we have, because of you, and you and me. Sometimes, I just want you to drop off the face of the earth, so I don't have to deal with you, or memories of you. And then, there are nights like tonight, when I run into you accidentally, and I am so grateful.

I'm an odd girl. I like to think that if I liked someone, or even loved them, I can still be friends with them. I try not to hold grudges. This makes things awkward, sometimes, as you know.

I hope that one day, we can just hang out, without me having to worry about you getting in trouble for driving you home.

I feel like I should thank you, for making the end of my evening, feel like the end of a good movie. Or maybe I should just thank my stereo, for having the power to be a wonderful soundtrack to the goings on in my car. Either way, thank you, for tonight.

Apr 7, 2008

Girl Drink Drunk

These days, I don't get out much on Saturday nights. To be perfectly honest, I would rather stay home, watch a movie or some bad TV, and drink some wine. I like to save my socializing for Tuesdays and Thursdays, when the bar isn't as busy, and I can actually have conversations with my friends, instead of yelling across the table at them, and spending the evening nodding and smiling and pushing through a pack of drunk kids to get to the washroom.

But, this past Saturday, I just felt the need to be out the second I got home from work. What I really wanted was to sit on the patio, and drink some beer and clam, but since the patio isn't open, and I do not possess the ability to zip over to the future, I just headed down to the pub, hoping that it was interesting.

After a game of golf, a pizza and a couple pints, I convinced Das Piper and Wretched, GQ's Hot Italian Girlfriend, that the three of us could probably have a deadly time together and get into trouble, if we just left the pub before the Saturday night dance party began. We wrangled up a fourth, Kat, decided who was going to be the driver and chance losing their license, and headed out on the town.

We decided to do a pub crawl, and hit every bar from downtown to the south end of town, and have only one drink at each one, then run off to the next.

We stuck to beer for the first couple pubs, but the consensus was that we were more bloated than drunk, so we switched to girlie drinks. Chocolate martini's here, Jagermeister paralyzers everywhere else. We learned that Smitty's Lounge can be kind of scary on a Saturday night, the University bar closes, because everyone goes to The Pub, and drinks are still cheaper almost everywhere else, in comparison to our normal hang-out, even though liquor prices have risen. By the time we got to the last pub, where we found karaoke, I was sure I was lactose intolerant, and had to switch back to beer.

It was a fantastic time, and it was nice to get out and away from the norm, but after spending $125 on booze, and spending Sunday cursing milk, I think that I'm set to relax for a bit. Well, until the patio opens in a couple weeks, that is.

Apr 3, 2008

10 Good Things About Today

1. I woke up early, next to Smyrish, and cuddled up to him until my eyes were ready to open and my brain was ready to use the coffee maker.

2. Film Star and GQ are coming over this afternoon to help me clean the yard.

3. The Weather Channel promises that it will be +10 degrees Celsius by this afternoon. Fucken' A.

4. The girls and I have declared it Fraturday, and we're gettin' slammered tonight.

5. Smyrish and I are going to walk around the lake on his lunch hour. Yay for exercise!

6. My spring cleaning will be complete before TypicalQuirk comes back from Japan tonight.

7. With any luck, Red has had her baby boy by now, and I can pop on over to the hospital to make faces at him later. That's what good pseudo-aunties do. I might even make faces at Red.

8. The bunny hasn't peed on me once. He did pee on the carpet though. Bad bunny!

9. I sold another item on Etsy, and it'll be off in the mail today.

10. The sun is shining, I have just enough ingredients to make a veggie omelette, and only one shoulder hurts instead of the usual two.

Apr 2, 2008

Dude...that's Excellent!

"Be excellent to each other." - Bill

Thank you, Paige Stanton, for honoring me and my blog with the Award of Excellence. I am feeling pretty excellent today, what with the sun shining and my 18 hour shift at work being over, and this just made it even more excellent.

It is only 9:00am, and I am positive this spring day will only get better, and I hope the same for the rest of you. So, before I go off to eat my turkey bacon, and my green pepper, mushroom and feta omelette, I would like to take my turn to award a few blogs that I deem "excellent" as well.

The Palinode
Mrs. Mogul
The Nervous Axon
Oh My Seven
Dr. Pepper is Good for the Soul

Have a lovely day!