Apr 16, 2008

See You Soon!!!

Since I will be gone (and I just know you'll all miss me), and I most likely won't be updating until I get back (with many wonderful tales of The Great Canadian Train Excursion of '08) due to limited InterWeb access, and a hate I can't explain for most internet cafe's, I am leaving you with this run-on sentence, some links to posts by other bloggers, and sites I think you should check out, in my absence, 'cause they are A-OK.


Dangerous Toys: Dangerous, or Just Toys?
- from {redacted}

Fat Free Vegan Recipes

Drinking Games - by the Webtender

Easy Cheeseball - via allrecipes.com

Laundromats - by Smyrish

A Post About Nothing
- from Pop Culture Sculpture

Gotta Remind Myself - by Jonesalicious

Feel the Bra - via Citizen of the Month

It Makes me Feel Like a Kid Again
- by the Nervous Axon

A Cup of Coffee
- by The Palinode

Byokal - via zefrank

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