Apr 2, 2008

Dude...that's Excellent!

"Be excellent to each other." - Bill

Thank you, Paige Stanton, for honoring me and my blog with the Award of Excellence. I am feeling pretty excellent today, what with the sun shining and my 18 hour shift at work being over, and this just made it even more excellent.

It is only 9:00am, and I am positive this spring day will only get better, and I hope the same for the rest of you. So, before I go off to eat my turkey bacon, and my green pepper, mushroom and feta omelette, I would like to take my turn to award a few blogs that I deem "excellent" as well.

The Palinode
Mrs. Mogul
The Nervous Axon
Oh My Seven
Dr. Pepper is Good for the Soul

Have a lovely day!

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