Jun 23, 2009

5 More Days.....

The countdown to getting this wedding day over with is on. I thought everything was all peachy keen, but in the past week, I have learned that there is no such thing as a simple wedding, plans just don't work out sometimes, and a wedding has nothing to do with the bride and groom, it's all about pleasing the family and guests. We are trying to keep our cool, and stay relaxed, and thankfully, Smyrish and I are one hell of a team, and have each others backs.

Things are coming together nicely, for the most part. Everyone has a place to stay, the caterer is working on the meal as I type this, the playlist for the dinner and dance is done, the dress looks as good on me as it can, considering I gained weight, instead of losing the 40 pounds I've been trying to lose, and we have our rings. By this afternoon, I'll have the car packed, and be totally ready for camping and we'll have our marriage license, and the cake, and my new mother-in-law is buying us a table for the ceremony ( which will later look great in our courtyard!)

We just have to confirm with the photographer what we want done, and call the Marriage Commissioner to confirm a meeting place, and I need to get Pixx Axe to make time to put my hair extensions back in....which is a biggie, as that takes up a shitload of time, and if they don't get in, I'm going to have one ugly head of hair.

But, it'll all work out, as life always does, just not on my time I guess.