Apr 3, 2008

10 Good Things About Today

1. I woke up early, next to Smyrish, and cuddled up to him until my eyes were ready to open and my brain was ready to use the coffee maker.

2. Film Star and GQ are coming over this afternoon to help me clean the yard.

3. The Weather Channel promises that it will be +10 degrees Celsius by this afternoon. Fucken' A.

4. The girls and I have declared it Fraturday, and we're gettin' slammered tonight.

5. Smyrish and I are going to walk around the lake on his lunch hour. Yay for exercise!

6. My spring cleaning will be complete before TypicalQuirk comes back from Japan tonight.

7. With any luck, Red has had her baby boy by now, and I can pop on over to the hospital to make faces at him later. That's what good pseudo-aunties do. I might even make faces at Red.

8. The bunny hasn't peed on me once. He did pee on the carpet though. Bad bunny!

9. I sold another item on Etsy, and it'll be off in the mail today.

10. The sun is shining, I have just enough ingredients to make a veggie omelette, and only one shoulder hurts instead of the usual two.

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