Dec 12, 2010

What's Up

This week has been both lazy and busy. I've been mostly cooped up in the camper due to an insane amount of rain this week, but we did get out to Beacon Hill Park for the day today, and hung out by the ocean and took the pups for a walk. It was good to get out, even in the rain. 

Other than that, I've spent my week cooking and doing laundry and annoying people all over the internet trying to sell my Etsy stuff. 

I also started a new blog today, that will be mostly Etsy/craft related, so I won't have to talk shop as much over here, although I will link to it when necessary. The new blog is Go check it out if ya like. 

I was going to write a post, but now I'm tired and it's 2am, so I'll be back tomorrow.


1 comment:

dk said...

ola senorita! com est ta? duos cuervo pour favor. hahahahaha