Apr 1, 2010

Grace in Small Things # 48

It's days like today, when the whole idea of Grace in Small Things really makes sense to me. After a mostly stressful day of worrying about countless things, and feeling like my little world is starting to crumble around me, it is nice to be able to sit back at the end of the day and know that even on days like today, good things do happen.

1. The Wii says that I am no longer 44 years old, I am 31. Since I actually am 31, this makes me happy.

2. Putting off spring cleaning to drink coffee and visit in the courtyard with Knuckle Toes for 4 hours or so.

3. Smyrish bought us a tent trailer at a garage sale for $100. It needs a lot of work, but we're both happy to do it. Camping with the dogs will be so much easier this summer, and I won't have to try and crawl off an air mattress with my gimpy leg in the mornings.

4. Jezzella didn't seem angry that I missed her when she came by for coffee. We will just reschedule.

5. Finding the time to cut and pin dress patterns.

6. Pork chops and rice. Yum.

7. Even though he had a bad day too, Smyrish still laughed his wonderful laugh twice today.....I loved it so much, it gave me shivers.

8. Sixteen rolls of toilet paper for $2.49.

9. Maggie chasing her tail for a good five minutes.

10. The weather was so nice today, I didn't even need a sweater.

11. Tomorrow, the bicycle comes out for the season.

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