Mar 23, 2010

Fresh Start.

As you can see, the only thing I could do to fix the whole Haloscan mess, and get rid of JS-Kit, was to start from scratch. This upset me at first, but I am trying to be positive. The blog needed a new look anyways, and I should have gone through all the links, buttons, etc., long ago. Please bear with me as I teach myself how to redesign this blog, and learn more about the internets.

My old comments from Haloscan are still missing, but my husband assures me that when he has a free day, he will try and get them back to the posts of which they belong, and if not, I will just spend my morning coffee sessions moving them one by one to the right posts. I honestly have nothing better to do anyway. I was probably just going to spend my time playing online Scrabble.

So, that's the story. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. I'm going to get out in the sunshine with the doggies, and then go check out Alice in Wonderland.



Suzi Q said...

Looks good! Good luck with the comments!

Schmutzie said...

Best of luck! It's the time of year for fresh starts.