Mar 1, 2010

Taking Out the Garbage

I live in a neighborhood that a lot of people would deem as "scary", but I've got to tell you I don't find it scary at all. I find it to be "eclectic". Sure, there used to be a meth lab across the street, and there are a couple hookers on the corner, but they don't bug me, and I don't bug them. I find it highly entertaining to watch people party it up and drink Listerine in our parking lot, and have met many interesting folks who have just left the hospital that is right behind us, after a stint in the psych ward. In the past 4 days I have been asked my three different strangers if I could give them a ride somewhere (of which I declined of course), and I know that if I smoke on the front step, somebody is going to stop and bum one off me. (which is why I usually smoke in the courtyard, which is somewhat private).

A couple days ago, Knuckle Toes' boyfriend warned me to watch out for members of the Native Syndicate wandering around by the hospital. He had a less than pleasant encounter with one of them who wanted a cigarette, and even after getting one from him, was still intimidating. I took note, but figured that since I tend to stay away from the alley, I'd be fine.

This morning at 8:30am, I decided that it was high time I took out the pile of garbage at the front door, and headed out with the Ewoks to the dumpster. A teenager stopped on his bike, and watched us do our thing. On the way back to the building, he asked for a light. I said sure, and handed it to him.

" You know, I'm part of a gang, I'm in the NS." he says to me.

" Really? I'm part of this Ewok gang here."

" No really, I am. A couple guys are in the hospital, and I'm just waiting for them."

"That's nice of you. Y'know, you shouldn't really be telling me that. What if I was a cop?"

" You're not a cop, you look too nice."

" Aw, shucks. Can I have my lighter back now?"

"Sure, do you want a cigarette?"

" No thanks, just had one. See ya later."

He followed behind me, pushing his bike.

"What kind of dogs are those?"


"They're cute. My mom would like them."

"You can't have 'em."

" No, that's not what I meant."

" I bet your mom would like it even more, if you weren't telling strangers in alleys that you're a criminal. You should keep those things to yourself."

"Shimay, get worse!" *laughs*

"See ya later kid."

"Have a nice day lady!"

And he walked away chuckling.

I'm pretty sure, that if he is actually part of the Syndicate, he isn't going to last long. He doesn't have enough evil in him yet.


i am the diva said...

awww, first of all... you have your comments back, YAY!!

second of all... it makes me sad that that nice guy will soon be no longer a nice guy.

dk said...

I like living in the transition area - makes it sound like we're on our way somewhere doesn't it?

as for the boyo - he sounds kind of lonely. Too bad he found company in a gang though - hope he wakes up early enough to get out or Dee might have to kick his ass too.

Our gang is waay nicer lady.