Nov 15, 2010

We're on the Road

We finally departed Regina for British Columbia at the beginning of November. I can honestly say I don't remember the date, and I'm not even positive of today's date either, but I'm sure I will find out after I hit "publish post" when I'm finished typing up this here update. It's only been a week or so though, and it's been a long one.

We took our time driving out to Vancouver, making stops to visit my husbands relatives in Calgary and Armstrong, a night of camping in Banff, and many Tim Hortons stops along the way. (Thanks to those who gave us the gift cards!) This was my first time out west since I was 19 years old, so even though I have technically seen all of these places before, my memory isn't so good, and it's like seeing everything again for the first time.

We've spent our time in Vancouver visiting with friends, camping out in Walmart parking lots, and waiting for Rogers Wireless to send us a new Rocket Hub so we can get back on the internet and the telephone. Unfortunately, we hit Vancouver at the exact wrong time of year, and it's been gray and rainy, and it just isn't the place for us right now. We decided not to push our luck in the Walmart parking lot in Burnaby, and have decided to stay in an RV park in Tsawassen for a couple nights before we bite the bullet and pay for the ferry to get over to the island, where the sun shines. We will be staying on the island for awhile, due to the amount it will cost to get over there, but we haven't quite decided where we will be parking as of yet...that will be something to talk about in the morning.

So far, our gypsy adventure has been great. It's a pretty nice feeling knowing that you can just pack up and go whenever you want, and we will continue to keep trying new places on for size.


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dk said...

Isn't it great to know that everywhere is your size ;)