Oct 13, 2010

Grace in Small Things #51

With our departure date getting closer and closer, I've been spending a ton of time worrying about all the things that aren't ready yet, getting nervous about leaving those I love, and driving Smyrish crazy at the same time. All this anxiety has started to take a toll on my body and my mind. So, I am taking some time here today to think of all the good things, and centre myself, and try to push out all the negative thoughts that have been consuming me the past couple weeks.

1. The furnace and the stove are working in the camper. We won't freeze, and we can eat proper food again!

2. It's October 13th, and I am wearing flip flops and a summer dress.

3. I should have all the curtains finished by Friday night. Privacy, here we come.

4. It's been three weeks, and I have yet to give in and buy a pack of cigarettes.

5. I am not a hoarder.

6. The dogs can be outside as much as they need to be.

7. Sears Mastercard and HSBC are no longer a part of my life.

8. I will get to see many friends and family members at social gatherings in the next 2 weeks.

9. I am comfortable in this camper. It feels like home.

10. My husband is willing to help me with everything I need to get done for myself, as long as I ask.

11. Plans for Christmas in California.

12. Eight more shifts at work. Only eight more. Eight. I can do it.

1 comment:

dk said...


I had almost convinced myself you wouldn't go.

stupid stove - we had a deal.

Xmas in Cali - how freaking great is that!

I'm thankful you get to go. 83 days 4 me.