Jan 3, 2010

Grace in Small Things #43 - Thank You Edition

Thank you, Mom and Dad for knowing that a degree in university isn't everything, and that the world needs plumbers, computer gurus, truck drivers, retail workers, cooks and nurses, as well as writers, artists, musicians and politicians.

Thank you, for never paying me for "A's" in school.

Thank you, for never making me feel stupid if I got a bad grade, when I tried my best, and thank you, for giving me shit and/or encouragement, to make me try harder, when you knew I was slacking.

Thank you, for supporting all of my extracurricular activities, and for finding the money to support me, even though I knew you didn't always have much extra to give.

Thank you, for being proud of me, and the work I do now, even though it didn't take any "education" to get here. Some parents would not approve, as I didn't have to take a class in Greek Mythology, Women's Studies, Basket Weaving or fail Logic 101 four times, to put myself $40, 000 in debt to get where I am.

Thank you, for being willing to help out, if your child's education did cost that much.

Thank you, for teaching me from birth, that it doesn't matter how much money a person makes, they can either be a nice guy, or an asshole.

Thank you, for moving back to Small Town, and raising us on our acreage, and teaching us, ( although we weren't always grateful), that you have to work hard to survive sometimes.

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