May 12, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again....

As per usual, the Arts Festival is but a few days away, and I am positive that I did not make enough "stock" over the winter.

I have a few bags left over from last year, and I have about six that are "almost done". I have not made any jewellery to sell, and never did get around to finishing the journals I was making, because I don't have a drill. I have 4 of my weird springy vase holders, and I actually did buy vases for them, and I should have about 6 summer dresses completed before the 23rd arrives.

I know that if I use all my extra time to make bags, I could pump out a shitload in the next week. However....

I think the reason that I don't have as many wares ready to sell this year, is not because I was lazy, but because I decided quality was better than quantity. But, now I am afraid that the few quality items that I do have, won't sell...and then what?

Due to my awesomeness (hehe), I am raising some of my prices this year, and am afraid that will turn some people away. Hopefully it won't, but that's the way I am, I worry about these things.

And on that note, I should really do some sewing before I have to head off to my real job for the night. I'm working on a crazy looking dress, that I hope someone will adore.

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