May 6, 2009

Grace in Small Things #23

1. Good-bye kisses when I leave for work, and the fact that when I just say "More!", I get more kisses. I could do it a bazillion times over, and get a kiss every time.

2. Getting to use work time, to visit friends and family ....and having them be super friendly and comfortable with my buddy from the group home....even when she yelled out "Abigail, I wiped my bum in the bathroom!" really loudly so everyone could hear. :)

3. Smyrish said he liked my hair. That compliment made my day, even though I didn't really show it at the time. I was hoping that he did.

4. Having a banker help me find money, instead of just taking it away.

5. Owning proper mannequins to display clothes on for the summer festivals.

6. Although the thunderstorm I was excited about this afternoon was sub-par, at least it didn't snow.

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