Feb 18, 2009

Grace in Small Things #11

It is days like today, when I find it really hard to think of the little things that are making today okay. Today is a day of exhaustion, depression, paranoia, laziness, cramps and extreme loneliness, and my only hope is that the wine kicks in soon, and I forget all about everything and everyone.

1. Patches. This dog is the cat's pajamas, and he is way more lovable than the evil fish, although I do really enjoy their insanity. It is quite entertaining.

2. An out of the blue email from a friend I see only on occasion and by accident it seems these days, that said only "I love you Abigail. I really do."

3. Smyrish taking the dog for a walk this afternoon, because even though I wanted to get out of the house, I had just woken up after my last night shift, and felt like a zombie.

4. My brother is leaving The Pub, and his friends, to come and play Super Scrabble with Smyrish and I.

5. He is the only person that asked to hang out with me this weekend and I predict some good conversation tonight...as well as many drinks.

6. After looking at pictures from karaoke on Monday, I just couldn't help but giggle. It was a really good time.

7. I have half a box of red wine, and a bottle of white wine leftover from Christmas parties. Since I have no money, and the urge to drink, this made my day!

8. My old friend Jen. She sat and talked with me for an hour last night when I got to work. I love her stories and living vicariously through her crazy single life!

9. I have taken time each day this week to do something crafty and creative and my brain is ever so thankful.

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