Nov 26, 2007

5 on the 25.

Just a wee bit late....... :)

1. I hope that when you come back, you don't go back to your old habits. You're better than that.

2. We live in the same city, yet I hadn't seen you in years, until last week. I'm sorry that I didn't have much to say to you.

3. Why doesn't anybody like you? Because you're an asshole, that's why.

4. Your intelligence and the way you look people in the eye when you talk to them, used to intimidate me. Now I know, that you're just a goofy hippie.

5. It seems that you have disappeared off the face of the earth. But, I'm sure one of these days you'll show up at my doorstep, hyper and crazy-eyed, needing a place to stay, so I'm not too worried.

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