Nov 21, 2007

Andy Capp

Hehe. I heart Andy Capp. Really, I do. I've been reading that silly ol' drunken bastard since I was just a wee lassie. I became hooked one summer when we were staying at the cabin, and it had been raining for what felt like a bazillion years. I had already read all my Archie comics, all the National Geographics and all the old classic novels on the shelf that were of interest to me at that young age. As I sifted through the mound of comics once again, I came across Mr. Andy Capp. Of course, I didn't truly understand the jokes and the arguments, but they were silly, and made me think of the adults around me at the time.

These days, I read Andy Capp online, and sadly, I relate a little too much at times. However, he's always good for a chuckle, and today, he helped to motivate me to do some work today, so I won't feel guilty about imbibing in "Import Night" later this evening at my own pub.

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