Nov 19, 2007

If I had $100,000

Typical Quirk sent me this link this morning. It is common knowledge that a shitload of money has been blown on Iraq and Afghanistan, but I enjoyed the alternate ways they came up with for the U.S. government to spend a trillion dollars. Now, if only I could get them to give me some. Shit, I don't even want a trillion dollars...I'd be happy with like $100, 000.

With $100, 000:

I could pay off the rest of my student loan : $3,500

I could pay off my car: $17, 000

I would pay my mom back a smidgen of what I owe her, let's say: $10, 000, which includes debts, and some thrown in for emotional damages.

Take my immediate family and our significant others to Cozumel for 10 days: $13, 987

Pay for Smyrish and I to fly to Thailand and back ( 2 month stay): $3, 882

So far, the total is: $48, 369.

Which leaves me: $51, 631 to put into savings or something, or just piss around with. I'd have no debts, and would be able to satisfy this travel bug that's been itching me.

Now, I have just got to figure out a way to get that money from Big Brother, and I'm set!

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