Nov 9, 2007

(Drunk) Hopeless Romantic, Continued.

Okay, so I watched Reality Bites, instead of Breakfast at Tiffany's. But it was on the TV, and I don't know how to hook up my DVD player. The boy was going to, before he went out, but then he didn't go, and it didn't get done.

It was like the TV knew that I needed to watch that movie tonight, that I needed my Generation-X-I-wish-I-had- a-Troy-Dire, fix. That movie is like a drug to me.

It was a good night. Two hour candle-lit bath, with wine and cigarette, followed by a quick supper with Smyrish,followed by Reality Bites, followed by a few minutes of Taxi Driver, followed by me almost winning a million bucks on Don't Forget The Lyrics, if only the contestant had some balls to sing the last song.

And here I am. I got called into work for tomorrow morning (my day off!), I'm half-cut and I haven't left my bed, and still, all I can think about is how lucky those ladies in the old movies are.

I should go to bed, but I don't want to sleep, yet.

(Most romantic song ever.)

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