Nov 30, 2007

G'Bye NaBloPoMo, Sorry I Didn't Treat You Better.

Well, I thought I was gonna rock this thing, but near the end, I just didn't have the time. What can I say? I work til midnight, and I have a life. But, I did post twice on a couple of days this month, so that should count for the two days I missed. Right? :)

It's been quite a month. We won the Grey Cup, Knuckle Toes became legal to drink with us, the Palinode finally got his back surgery, I started seeing Micha Barton every time I went drinking, the cold, blustery prairie winter arrived for it's annual visit, and I was lucky enough to see one of my most favorite bands, Modest Mouse. There were also many days this month, where my annual winter depression kicked my ass. I felt lonely, missed my dad, and started to feel as if life was just passing by much to quickly for my liking. Ah, the joys of seasonal depression.

With December upon us, I feel like if I can just keep myself on the right track and go with the flow throughout the roller coaster ride that is Xmas and New Year's, spring will be here lickedy split, and all will be well in my universe.

December is beginning with B-Rock's First Annual 29th Birthday Shitfest, and will end with "It's only 25 days 'til Abigail's First Annual 29th Birthday Shitfest" once the clock strikes twelve on New Years Eve.

I hate you December, but I'll make it through, just like I do every year. Of course, the booze helps.

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