Jan 27, 2005

Getting stoned and laying off the booze, doesn't give me a hangover

Well, against my better judgment, I happened to go out to the Pub to check on everyone around 11pm. I was SO freaking tired, but once I got out there, and saw that everyone was in a rather good mood, and giddy as hell, I got a burst of energy, and quite enjoyed myself. I haven't really had that much fun at the Pub in a long time, so I have been mostly avoiding it all together with the exception of Trivia night. I think the reason I had such a darn good time last night was the people I ran into that I don't get to see all that often, like Sandra Dee. It's always nice to have a quick catch-up over a pint and/or some hoots in the alley. Sitting and talking hockey/work woes/spousal problems, did not enter the conversation last evening, (other than a friend informing me that GQ and Red were no more) and I must say it was nice to see that everyone had a lot more to talk about! It's a sign of spring I think. Conversations get better, and the crazies start to appear.....that's spring, nevermind the robin's or that groundhog who doesn't know his shadow from his asshole.

When the Pub closed down and I said my good-byes until next time, B-Rock and I came back here to chit- chat and share a six-pack. I ended up staying up until about 4am, B-Rock was sleeping on the couch, singing to my music and trying my darndest to polish off the last beer. B-Rock is still on the couch, and looking quite comfortable, and I don't want to wake him. However, I have this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach, that his girlfriend is probably looking for him, and she probably wouldn't be too happy to hear he spent the night here with me, on the couch or not. I'll give him until 1pm, I guess, and if he's not awake, I'll wake him.

Don't you just hate having to wake people up? For most of my life, I lived in a dark cave. You see, the bedroom my dad built me at my parents place had no window, which I loved, since I'm such an avid sleeper. But then there were the nights when you had friends stay over, and if they stayed in my room, they would end up sleeping all the live long day. Around 3pm, my mother would tell me to go an tell them it wasn't actually dark outside, and to wake up and have some lunch.....I hated that. I would sit there and just pray that they would get up on their own, and I wouldn't have to do such a horribly embarrassing task. Why I thought it was so embarrassing, I don't know, but even as an adult, I carry that little peeve with me.

Anyways, an interesting conversation arose with B-Rock and I while vegging out on the couch. We started talking about sex, one night stands, etc, and then I think we both realized we probably shouldn't me talking about that with one another. But then a question came along that still has me stumped. We tried to figure out how many people we've KISSED in our lifetime. I told B-Rock that I had kissed the Unknown Poet and Sandra Dee numerous times that evening, so we had to lay ground-rules. Had to be a make-out kiss, full of tongues and whatnot. I still cannot come up with a definite number, but I think that I am a KISS-WHORE. I will kiss almost anybody. Should I be ashamed? So I challenge you to do this as well. Forget about sex, and find out what number of kisses you've accumulated. Man, that's alot of saliva.

Well, it's a beautiful day and I have to go to work in a couple hours. Guess I should wake up my buddy on the couch, and do something with the last couple hours of freedom that I have.

P.S. I have been, and will continue to be making changes and additions to my cast of characters, if you are interested.

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