Jan 6, 2005

I am a Super Hero!!!!

I have recently discovered that I have some sort of incredible power to make things explode. Now the witnessess to the following incident tried to use science to make me feel like I was not as special as I thought, and to them I say, "Bugger off and let me have my moment!" You see, we were at the pub, playing our weekly trivia game. (We came in 2nd by the way!) I was feeling utterly frustrated, as I think that sometimes the team-mates overthink things, and that's when we get wrong answers, and as I am broke, I really wanted to win some free beer on my day off. ANYHOO.... As I was sitting, waiting impatiently for the next round to begin, and listening to the hogwash around me, all of a sudden, my pint glass of beer, shattered in my hands!!! I was not gripping the glass tightly, merely resting all my fingertips around it, giving it a nice fingertip hug. Now, you may say, there is an explanation, maybe a hairline fracture in the glass??? Well, please explain to me, how the beer practically disappeared, and the pint glass, as well as the beer inside, morphed and turned into little cubes of glass....(which unfortunatly for V-Man, looked exactly like ice cubes)Yes, I had turned my beautiful full pint, into a pile of glass cubes. Isn't that cool? I now plan to ignore all the logical explanations given to me, and continue to practice this new found talent. The only thing I'm not sure of, is if I should use my powers for good or evil. Beware, one day soon, not only glassware, but a human head, could be exploding and crystalizing at a pub, mall or banking institution near you. Have a nice day!!

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