Jan 7, 2005

Kitty Cats, Puppy Dogs and an Empty Bank Account

What a day. After a late night of drinking ( God, you guys must think I'm an alcoholic, I'm not one....yet.), I had to be up at 6am to wake up my Kitty and our overlord V-man, to go to the vet clinic. It was time for my little baby to get herself a hysterectomy, as her bouts of going into heat have increased, and she was driving everyone crazy, and I want to let her outside, but I'm not ready to be a grandmother. Poor thing, she was terrified as I put her collar on and wrapped her in a blanket to go for the short car ride to the clinic. She knew something was up, and I had a tear in my eye, when the doctor took her away, crying and hissing. You see, I think she was confused, as the only other times she has been in a car, we were moving and I don't think she wanted to be moved to this place that reeked of surgery and death. There was no convincing her that I was in fact, coming back.

I sat at home all day, waiting for the call to pick her up, and got ahold of good ol' Cookeroo to drive me to the clinic to get her. When I arrived the nurses were frazzled. Apparently she had been yelling and swiping at them all day, and I was the only one who could get her out of the kennel....which I did after a few swipes and a few more bites on my finger.....SHE WAS ROYALLY PISSED AT ME!! I worried the whole way home, that she would never love me again. What had I done to her??? But miraculously, the second I got her out of her cage, and put her on the couch, we were friends again. She had regained her trust in me, and was happy to see her best friend Lemon, and Lemon was happy to see her, as she had been searching for her all day. Another disaster averted.

As soon as I knew Kitty and I would be fine, I started thinking of my bank account. My empty, pitiful bank account. I see no reason why veteranarians have to charge so much for such a simple service, which is why it took me so long to get her fixed. And when I looked at my receipt, and realized I had gotten the cheaper, "Low Cost Spay and Neuter"procedure done, and it still set me back almost $200, I just wanted implode a pint glass! Maybe if more people could afford the procedure, and the shots that come with it, we wouldn't need to have people preaching about how important it is to spay and neuter our pets!

At least I don't have to worry too much about my taxi and bus costs until payday, and I don't have to buy groceries this month since, as of tomorrow, I will be dog-sitting at Red's place for a couple weeks. Red lives about a 10 minute walk away from where I work, and a good chunk of my hard-earned pay goes to getting to and from work every month. The bus doesn't run out in the 'burbs at night, and a taxi cab from my home to work is about 12 bucks a pop. It'll also be nice to have some quiet time,and Red's house is absolutely beautiful and stocked with enough food and homemade wine to get us all through a nuclear disaster, and the rebuilding of planet earth. I will also be able to get some quality time in with Red. I can hear you now....."She's still there, but you are dog-sitting?"......Well she works during the day, and likes to get out once in awhile at night, and I will be able to let her poor blind dog out when she is unable to, giving her less to worry about, and if I have to work at midnight, she can go out and have a life if she likes. It really does work out for both of us. Normally her parents would be there, but they are away on a much deserved vacation.

And on that note, I think I should pack my bag and go check on my kitty, who if you are wondering, I will still be checking on daily, and my wonderful roommates will look after when I am not here........

Farm Animals Are Awesome www.kidsfarm.com

For you animal rights activists www.peta.org

For those of you who love animals, but still like to wear them and eat them www.mtd.com/tasty

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