Mar 12, 2007

Weekend Re-Cap

Just a few random thoughts I had over the weekend.....

It now takes me 48 hours to recover from 8 hours of fun and games.

Dancing in polyester for 6 hours, is not only uncomfortable, but makes you smell like dirty, rotten socks.

After the DJ calls you over to the DJ booth to do the Wild Thing with him, all the little girls that were pushing you around and glaring at you earlier, now look at you like you're God.

Just because you aren't interested in them, doesn't mean it isn't a compliment. (Thanks Cookster, that one is yours.)

It can take months to create something, but only seconds to delete it from your life.

If I drink 2 extra-large, extra energy cups of coffee, I can zip around the lake in 45 minutes, and have the shakes for no less than 5 hours.

Due to the incessant bleaching of my hair all those years ago, hair dye only lasts about a week.

I can't wait to ride my bike.

Depression and anxiety gave me a good head start on my weight loss plan.

Getting your confidence back, is sometimes as easy as going out for coffee late on Friday night.

The ability to go outside in the sunshine without a coat, makes everyone happy and scrappy.

I've still got it.

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