Mar 27, 2007

It Had To Happen Sometime I Guess....

My horoscope for March 27th, 2007: There is no time (or reason) to mull things over. Just get it done. This rough patch of your recent history is, believe it or not, a great opportunity to learn how to change things for the better. Stop bemoaning your fate. Figure out the divine lesson in these events.

I woke up this morning, called in to work and said I wouldn't be in, looked out the kitchen window, and thought "Hey, did I park on the street last night?". I quickly realized that I did not, and that my car was fucking stolen. Probably by the neighborhood hooligans. Maybe some karma, for not going to work when I should have? I don't know. I can't do my job without a vehicle anyways, so now I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen, if the cops don't find it. The Cookster doesn't have a car right now either, so maybe we can both just ride around on my bicycle, and tow our autistic participants in a little red wagon behind us to all of our jobs and outings.

I was worried about not having enough gasoline to do all the driving that my job requires this week, and I guess that now, I don't have to worry about that. Now I just need a whole new car. Jokes on them though. They couldn't have gotten far on a quarter tank, all the CD's in there were burned discs and totally un-pawnable, and the brakes are going, so I hope they didn't try to go too fast, cause they'd be fucked when they tried to stop.

I hope they just took it for a joyride and left it somewhere (in the city, preferrably) when it ran out of gas. I hope the only damage is the window and the starter, and they didn't bust up the steering column too bad. I hope they didn't take it out to the middle of nowhere and light it on fire, because all of my camping gear was in the trunk, and if you fuck with my camping supplies, I'll fuck you up. I hope the cops catch them before I do, because I don't need an assault charge. Actually, moneywise, I'd probably be better off if they totalled the car, because I don't think I could afford the repairs.

In reality, the damn car is gone. It'll be a cold day in hell, if they find it. (Oh wait, it's snowing!It must be my lucky day!) I am going to go through a hell of a lot of bullshit with SGI, and in the end, I'll have no car, no money, and a royal headache. I took the day off, so I could get things done, but now I can't leave the house, because I have to be here when the adjuster calls, if they do.

My horoscope for the day has told me to find the 'divine lesson' in all the recent shitty events in my life. I don't know about anything else yet, but when it comes to my car, I guess that the lesson would be to put a club on the next one, and park inside the house, so the little fuckers can't get at it.

Have a good day everyone!

Update:The cops found my car, everything in it is gone, and they say it looks like it'll be a right-off, windows and steering column are smashed, among other things. They fingerprinted it, and sent it to SGI. Now I just have to wait until my adjuster calls me back to tell me if I'm getting any money back for it, which could be 2 to 7 days. Yippee. Now, I just have to figure out what to do about work.....sheesh. What a pain in the butt.

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