Mar 22, 2007

24 Things I Thought Would Be Fun, But Weren't (as stolen from Schmutzie)

I love making lists. But this list, was a doozy and a half to do. I have done alot of stupid things in my life, but it took me awhile to think of something that I regretted in some way. Even my stupidest moments, I see humour in, and to me, they were fun when all was said and done. It would probably be easier to write a list of "101 Things I Thought Were a Good Idea at the Time, and Would Work Out in My Favor, But Were Just Plain Ridiculous, and I'm Still Glad I Did 'Em", which I guess in a way, is what this list is. Well, enough of my jabbering on, let's get to the list at hand.

1. Dating that guy, just because he had a house and a car and pets, because I thought that's what a grown up was supposed to do.

2. Bleaching my hair with Blonde Issima at that bush party, and forgetting to rinse out the dye until a few hours later, because I was busy making out with my boyfriend in my car.

3. Showing up for my last day of work at an old job, on zero sleep and drunk as a skunk, thinking, "Fuck, what are they gonna do, fire me?"

4. Piercings. Abigail + Any kind of Metal = Allergic Reaction.

5. Accepting gifts and favors from someone who I thought was just being a good friend, but turned out to be a stalker.

6. Going to Paris with enough cash to buy a one euro bottle of wine and some melba toasts.

7. Arriving in Halifax on Halloween Night.

8. Doing drugs in a cemetary.

9. Bringing a hamster to a friend I was visiting in the psych centre, against my parents wishes.

10. Making out with that hockey player who promised he wouldn't tell anyone at school.

11. Drinking half a watermelon full of vodka and 6 beer at a party, when I had never drank before and had to go to school in the morning.

12. Tearing the labels off of some "Dad's Root Beer" bottles, and driving past the "look-out", so when the cops pulled us over for drinking and driving, I could stick it to the man.

13. Spending a winter vacation at a friends cabin, with no change of clothes, living off bologna, tequila and Butter Ripple Shnapps.

14. Filling that canoe with water, just to see if we could get it up from the bottom of the lake when it sank.

15. Hooking the GT Racer to the hitch of my car.

16. Stealing chocolate bars from the bible camp and then putting them in the holes of the playground apparatus at the beach, so kids who really deserved them could enjoy their chocolaty goodness when they came out to play in the morning.

17. Screech.

18. Shaving an undercut into my hair, so I could have that cool (at the time) "bald with a pony tail" look.

19. Taking the old Fire Guard road to the lake in the spring, so I wouldn't have to pay to get in the park.

20. Calling all those cowboys at the bar during Agribition "posers".

21. Stealing my cousin's clothes and burying them in the mud, because I hated her so much.( I wasn't alone in that endeavor, you know who you are)

22. Rigging up that rock on a rope, so we could catch people that trespassed in our fort.

23. Jumping through the gap of 2 burning bales, wearing baggy old man polyester pants, because the boys dared me to.

24. Eating that big bowl of popcorn an hour ago, when I wasn't even hungry.

* If you want to do your own list, go right ahead, but just go back and link it to Schmutzie's post, in the comments. Thanks.

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