Mar 17, 2007

Dear St. Paddy's Day,

Ah, St. Paddy's Day. Back so soon? And on a Saturday yet.

You must be under the assumption that I am prepared for the chaos and mayhem that is this day of yours. I tried to prepare, I really did. I stayed home last night and watched hours of TV and ate pizza, before falling asleep on the couch at a very early hour. Because I fell asleep so early, I was awake quite early as well. This was good, as I need time to shower, drink my instant coffee (blech, but thank the Almighty Jeebus for camping supplies) and find some green clothes, and possibly go out and buy a silly hat for this occassion.

As I look around the room, I notice that I haven't even thrown out the doo-dad's I acquired from the last St. Paddy's Day, and I realize that time just goes by too darn fast. I have more Guinness paraphanelia than a girl could ever need, especially a girl who doesn't normally drink Guinness. I'm guessing that I'll be the proud owner of yet another Guinness T-shirt and possibly many black balloons before the day is done.

Because you have landed on a Saturday, I can't even enjoy a day off in the comforts of my own home. The Pub is open for business already, and the queue will begin in the early afternoon. I made a hasty promise to my friends, that I would meet them for "breakfast" and help them secure a table for the day. I don't think I will make it on time, and it looks like I will spend the night sitting on top of the table, or squished into a railing, just like every other year.

Yes, I sound like a big whiny baby. I'm sure that will change though, once I walk downtown, sneak in past the crowd and join my friends and accquaintances, who are no doubt much more excited about this day than I am at the moment. We will drink and sing and be merry, while pipers walk amongst us, belting out "Amazing Grace" and "Danny Boy".

It won't be so bad. With any luck, I'll be on my way out the door, as soon as the first fist fight starts, and be long gone before that guy who dresses up as a leprauchan every year decides to start doing stripteases on the tables for horrified 19 year old girls.

So here's to St. Paddy's Day, the day of Guinness, extremely large crowds of drunk people who wish they were Irish, and peeing in the back alley, because the queue to the bathroom is 8 miles long.


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