Mar 26, 2007

Money, Money, Money, Money...and Sunshine!

I am twenty-eight. Twenty-eight. What a boring number. It doesn't make me feel old, like twenty-five did, but it also doesn't make me feel young and carefree like good old twenty-seven. Oh, twenty-seven, rock and roll death age that you are, how I adored you. Twenty-eight just makes me feel boring. Oh, who am I to blame a number for being bored with life? That's just crazy talk.

I need some change in my life. Change is but a new job away for me at the moment. Been handing out resumes, and have planned to take the day off from my day job tomorrow, to get some more printed out, and do some schmoozing, before heading to my night job. Although I love where I am at now, good people, good fun, good learning experiences, and excellent hours and holidays, I just can't live off the wage they are paying me anymore, and there is no way I can get more money out of them, because there isn't any. Just one of the joys of working for an agency that deals with the handicapped.

Financially, it's been a rough few months. Sure, I get by. If I never spent any money on myself, for example, nights out, new clothes, take-out, cigarettes, movies, craft supplies, film developing to name but a few, I'd be flush. Paying rent, loan payments, mutual funds, car insurance and all that wouldn't even faze me. But, I like having money. I like the feeling I get when I look at my paycheck, and just know that everything will be covered, and I'll have lots left over for selfish little me to spend and save.

Saving money is a talent that has always eluded me. I have never been very good at it, unless a wonderful reward will come of it, which for me is usually travelling and concerts. However, it is something I would really, truly like to start doing, in order to bring some more change into my life, and only a better paying job will do that. I want to do road trips this summer, I want to move into my own place, I want to fix my car, I want to save to go on a trip next winter. Shit, I want to fix my cat, go see Willie Nelson, and buy new glasses.

It's a shame that I am going to have to leave a job and a workplace that I adore though. If something better does come up, and I have to give my two weeks notice, well, that's just going to be hard. This employer took me on, without an interview, without following any of the rules of hiring that they do with other people, just because I asked for a job, and they knew me from long ago, and thought I was pretty right on. They found a position for me, that I required little training on, and they just put me to work, and have let me do my own thing ever since, because they trust me, and they know I do my job well. It makes me a little sad. But, money makes the world go 'round, and they don't have any for me.

But hey, it's Spring. Loads of change is bound to happen. So far, it's been a great season. Have been walking 'round the lake everyday, haven't worn socks or a coat in over a week. We fired up the BBQ for the first time this year on the weekend, and then got the old firepit going Saturday night. Started picking up the garbage that blew in over the winter and raking the pine cones in the yard on Sunday, and the V-Man is building a table for us to sit at while we're enjoying the sunshine.

So, I guess Spring makes life good and hopefully it'll make it more exciting as well.

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