Mar 9, 2007

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Friday, Mar. 09, 2007

Thank you Mother Nature, for the sunshine, the above zero temperatures,extraordinarily huge puddles, the slush, the horribly deep tire ruts on the side streets, my dirty as hell car, and my wet sloppy shoes. I am extremely grateful for it all.

It is an amazing feeling, being able to walk out of the house, without a heavy coat, or mitts or a toque. I love not having to start my car a half hour before I leave for work in the morning. I love that I can now spend my afternoons walking and laughing in the park, soaking up all the Vitamin D I possibly can. I love that there was a grasshopper spotting today, and everyone I see is shitting sunshine and rainbows.

But mostly, I love the fact that sitting at this computer, writing this silly entry, while the sun is shining and kids are splashing about in the puddles, makes me anxious to grab a coffee, and just go frolic about town with my MP3 player, and go looking for adventure.

Which is what I'm going to do. Ciao.

If this was an acceptance speech, I would also thank SPRING, and the weather it brings, for the ability to smoke outside without freezing, crazy people who sing as they march down the street, the BBQ we're going to light up ASAP, and for giving me the ability to see change as a darn good thing.

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