Jan 29, 2008

Pondering the Weather

Sometimes, I really have to wonder what made anyone want to settle here. Did their wagon lose a wheel half way to the coast, and they just thought, "Ah, fuck it, we'll deal."? Back in the day, this city was just a big mass of clay and dirt, not a tree for miles. Who in the world thought this was an ideal place to live? The old country must have been really, really bad, for this to look good.

I knew it was cold last night when I went to work. I figured it was around 40 below. The snow was blowing so badly, I couldn't see the streets, and I just prayed that nothing was in front of me as I plowed through. Half way there, a man was standing right in the frickin' middle of the road. Just standing there. I thought for a second that I should just run him over for being so incredibly stupid, but instead I just veered around him, and yelled "Dude! Get off the way!!!" as I drove by. When I got to work, I had to wonder what was up with him. Maybe he was frozen solid, and couldn't move. I somewhat hope that nobody smoked him off.

It was -53 degrees with the windchill this morning, when I started getting ready to send the ladies to work. I thought of keeping them home, but I figured, if I had to work, so did they. But seriously, how cold does it have to get before the city just issues a statement, tells everyone to make a quick run to the liquor store, and shuts the city down? Are there people out there that are really shopping today? Going to restaurants? The movies? If so, you're all fucking crazy.

Myself, I'm staying in. I'm putting on my pj's, crawling into bed, and staying there. Well, at least until shortly before midnight when I have to go back to work.

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