Jan 5, 2008

How to Truly Enjoy a Three and a Half Day Weekend, Part One

1. Decide on Thursday afternoon to not worry about household duties you have been putting off, and drag your ass to The Pub.

2. Be pleasantly surprised by the amount of friends that are at said pub, even if they are only there to hug the Grey Cup.

3. Enjoy your free drinks from the guy who won on the VLT machines.

4. When most everyone else has gone home, because they have to work in the morning, pound your pint and head to the gay bar with the other die-hards, who don't have to work in the morning, and believe as you do, that Thursday is the best day of the week to tear it up.

5. Sleep in on Friday, just long enough not to have a hangover.

6. Meet friends for lunch at The Super Happy Fun Buffet. Gorge yourself, it's okay to be a glutton at times like these.

7. Get some household duties completed, to make yourself feel better.

8. Cook a supper of homemade pizza and tortellini for you, and your man. Because, believe it or not, you're actually hungry a few hours after eating 4 heaping plates of food at the buffet.

9. Talk about renting some porn, and end up renting The Simpsons Movie instead.

10. Go to bed by midnight.

11. Wake up early-ish on Saturday morning, drink coffee, watch Spongebob, and read Tuesday's With Morrie.

12. Realize that it's Ukrainian Xmas, and invite family over for Sunday supper, before heading to the Ukrainian Co-op for food, so you can feed said family.

13. Go drunken bowling with your co-workers.

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