Jan 26, 2008

Abigail Interviews Mrs. Mogul

Neil over at Citizen of the Month, had a fabulous idea to get bloggers to interview other bloggers in The Great Interview Experiment. He wanted to give everyone a chance to feel like they were important, that they were somebody, and also gave us all a chance to get to know someone new, that perhaps we would never have stumbled upon in the vast InterWeb. Below, is my interview with Mrs. Mogul. After going through her archives a wee bit, and getting the answers to these questions, I have decided I want her to be my new best friend. She is just so....cool.

Abigail Road: You are waiting for the writer's strike to end. How exactly has this affected you?

Mrs. Mogul : Well, not too bad actually. I watch Project Runway so no writers needed to script the cattiness going on in that show!

Abigail Road: Why did you start blogging?

Mrs. Mogul: One night I was sitting at home in London and kept seeing the word Blog online. I had no idea what it really was and then in a few days was hooked. It became a hobby and I loved writing and sharing my personal stories. Besides, what better way to be narcissistic? :)

Abigail Road: How did you meet Mr. Mogul?

Mrs. Mogul: Oh we had the same friend in NYC. Mr. Mogul would visit a lot and we would all hang out and party.This is in 2000. He actually heard my voice before we met. In 1999 I was being interviewed on a London radio station and Mr. Mogul had heard it and remembered me from the interview! A short story about that time was published early last year in a book of anthologies. Anyway, he ended up surprising me with a kiss at the Armani A/X store party and that's when we "hooked up"!

Abigail Road: You have met a ton of celebrities. Who is the most memorable and why?

Mrs. Mogul: Tom Cruise. We had the longest conversation and no, he didn't jump on the couch. It was at the after party for Pulp Fiction and there were like 40 celebs and me in a tiny restaurant in NYC. I was drunk and Tom and I yapped about his newly adopted daughter and his upcoming film. Nicole Kidman was there and at the time I thought she was the ice queen because she didn't smile or anything. She interrupted our conversation and said, "Tom..let's go!" Well it was 3am in the morning so I will excuse her. I found Tom so nice and friendly! Plus, he never slipped me a card about joining Scientology!

The second memorable time was when my friend took me to a party in NYC and the girl who opened the door was Lisa Loeb. It was a birthday party at her apt. I blogged about that too!

Abigail Road: C'mon, give me one juicy piece of celebrity gossip that you know of.

Mrs. Mogul: A friend of mine years ago, (he was a dancer) went with his friend to Madonna's apartment in Central Park West. Madonna and the guys SMOKED POT that afternoon! The next day he told me all about it and said Madonna would have loved me. I was pissed because he should have invited me!!

Abigail Road: What was your favorite thing about living in London?

Mrs. Mogul: The shopping! Especially King's Road. It's all cute boutiques!

Abigail Road: Is there anything that you used to do, that you just don't/can't do anymore, now that you are a mom? Do you miss it?

Mrs. Mogul: Party at the most fabulous nyc clubs! But then I'm getting older so why should I care? I did go to my friends' new club in Manhattan during our xmas trip. It was fun going out without the baby!

Abigail Road: Did you have any imaginary friends as a child? If so, what were they like? Does Baby Mogul have any?

Mrs. Mogul: Haha ! What a question! I still have imaginary friends! I invite them over for tea once in awhile.

Abigail Road: Not to be morbid, but if you were given 6 months to live, how would you spend those 6 months?

Mrs. Mogul: Traveling and shopping!! Spending it all!

Abigail Road: If you could be doing anything you wanted, anywhere in the world, right here and now, what would you be doing?

Mrs. Mogul: At the moment I would want to produce or maybe script a tv show. I really miss working in tv and may go back in the near future.

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