Jan 18, 2008

New Baby in the House

The newest addition to the House of Pain family, joining the V-Man, the rat, the cat, and myself, arrived yesterday morning in a shoe box. He's fuzzy and soft, his ears drag on the floor, is a bit skittish, and has one foot that is way too big for his body. His name is Fozzy Bear.

I have spoiled him rotten already, with fancy food dishes, a new litter box, and a big cage to have fun and be safe in when I can't be home to watch him. Even if I have to leave the room for more than a few minutes, in his cage he goes, because I get so nervous. Houses have scary things in them.....stairs, electrical cords, toys that can be easily swallowed all over the floor from Baby G's last visit. I am only guessing, but this must be what new mom's feel like with their newborns. Which scares me a bit...if I am so nervous about a baby bunny, what would I be like with a human baby?

Fozzy listening.

We're still getting to know each other, and he's not into cuddling yet, but this evening he went for an adventure in the bathroom, and skated on the hard wood, and kept coming by to smell my feet, so I am sure we will be great friends soon. Maybe not as close as he is to Trance the Cat, but I am the one who brings food and hay and cleans up his poop, so he'll learn that I'm not so bad.

Fozzy sleeping. Note his huge foot. He likes to thump it. Hard.

Well, I have been at this computer too long. I have to go check on the baby, and make sure he's not eating a cord or the carpet or something. This is what my life has come to. Staying home on Friday night, to fret about a bunny.

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i am the diva said...

congratulations - i love your bunny