Jan 15, 2008

Canadian Blog Awards 2007

Hey everyone! Guess what???

I've been nominated for Best Personal Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards! I am up against some stiff competition in that category, running against the likes of Schmutzie and Madame Diva ......but hey, it's just nice to be recognized.

Also, I would like to plug the blog that I nominated for Best New Blog, The Nervous Axon. Go have a read, and I'm sure you'll agree. He's smart, and funny, and dresses up as Darth Vader for pub trivia.

Go on over to the Canadian Blog Awards page and vote in round one, hopefully for me. :) You can vote once per week, 'til this whole thing-a-ma-jig is over.

With your help, maybe we'll all win something, and you can give us yet another reason to get together for pints and celebrate!

Thanks muchly!

* You do not have to be Canadian to vote.

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