Jan 22, 2008

29 Things

A list of twenty-nine things I still want to do, and hopefully will do,at some point in life, in honor of my twenty-ninth birthday.

1. Get a new bicycle. A really rad retro bicycle.

2. Go to Mexico with friends and family.

3. See Morrissey in concert.

4. Have a baby.

5. Own a cottage on the lake shore.

6. Be a size 12 again.

7. Sing in a band just once, even back-up will do.

8. Go back to Churchill, in the spring-time.

9. See New York City.

10. Have an adventure with my mom.

11. Find the perfect bra.

12. Own a piano.

13. Make enough money to do all of these things.

14. Tattoo over the ugly scar on my leg.

15. Move out of the House of Pain, to another semi-permanent location.

16. Make money on my Etsy shop.

17. Go to Africa.

18. Go back to Paris, with money this time.

19. Write a novel.

20. Get electrolysis on my upper lip. Plucking for the rest of my life does not sound fun.

21. Learn to crotchet.

22. Go to Thailand.

23. Live in a home with a huge bath tub.

24. Learn to budget and be more responsible with my money.

25. Pay my mom back all the money I owe her.

26. Quit smoking.

27. Take a class or two, in what, I am not sure yet, just for fun.

28. Go on a road trip/camping trip to Northern Saskatchewan.

29. Have my own garden, or even learn how to keep plants alive.

Vote for me, and I'll have you over for coffee.

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i am the diva said...

i can teach you to crochet!