Jan 7, 2008

Oh, Happy Day.

What a great day.

I was actually mentally prepared for my 7:00 am call-in for work, so when I arrived seven hours early for my originally scheduled shift, I was in good spirits. I found someone to work the remaining 6 hours of my would-have-been 18 hour shift, and headed home to pound a Kokanee.

After a couple of quick phone calls to the girls, I called Smyrish, and he said he wanted to spend some money on me to take me for supper. How could I say no? When I went to pick him up, he said we had to make a quick stop on the way, and it was a surprise. I hate surprises, you never know if it will be good, or bad, and they cause me anxiety. ( "Surprise! Here's a million dollars!", or "Surprise! We're in the middle of nowhere, and now you must die!")

However, this surprise was abso-fucking-lutely wonderful:

( I think I will name her Gigi )

He bought me a new sewing machine!!!! Yippee!! Isn't she beautiful???

After I gave him a smooch, we headed off for supper, where I enjoyed the second best sandwich I have ever had in my life, the best one being the corned beef sandwich I had when I was in Montreal last, at Ben's Deli.

( I promise, it looked much better than these leftovers do.)

After supper, it was off to Home Depot where I sat in my dream bath tub, a quick visit with Film Star at the Shopper's Drug Mart, and then back to Smyrish's place to hang out and listen to the new Radiohead album, read catalogues, and look at old photos.

And alas, I am home. About to spend the first night in forever, alone in my bed. (With the exception of those nights where Smyrish couldn't stand my snoring.) I am going to play some scrabble, watch the rest of "Hello, Dolly", hug Gigi, and hopefully get a good nights sleep, with dreams full of Barbara Streisand sung show tunes.

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i am the diva said...

i LOOOOOVE Hello Dolly...

"OUT THERRRRRE....There's a Woooorld outside of Yonkers, Barnaby,....there's a SLICK TOWN, Barnaby!!!"


BTW - your new fancy sewing machine is totally rad!