Dec 31, 2007

The Year in Review

January - Mr. Head and I broke up, then got back together, and I turned 28.

February- I found a video I had been searching for since the 80's, I spilled my guts in 20 sentences, and Mr. Head and I broke up for good.

March - I was extremely depressed and lonely and suffering from panic attacks, all the while, still getting out and partying with my wonderful girlfriends and enjoying the early spring.

April - My car was stolen, I landed a new job, and I started starting over.

May - I was getting ready for the arts festival, I was attracted to some younger men, I got an invite to my 10 year class reunion, Hobbsley came back to town, and I was almost done mending my broken heart.

June - Had a brief encounter with Kevin MacDonald, day 90 passed me by, I fell in love with the Dresden Dolls, I spent a night in Wilkie, and I bought a new car, just so I could go on a camping trip.

July- the heat was intense, I saw the Golden Dogs, my cat ran away, our 10th annual Canada Day camping trip was a success, and we were all doing better than Nick Shilloff.

August - my cousin Pat died, I was seeing flying squirrels, we hosted a Dead Celebrity Party at the House of Pain, Folk Fest was a blast, and I realized that not only was summer too short, but so was life, so I might as well enjoy the fuck out of it.

September - I began my 5 on the 2-5, Smyrish officially became my boyfriend, I contemplated my journey to thirty, we all talked about how scary it is to have your period show up late, I went camping in Craven, and the end of summer lazies kicked in.

October - I was happy. Burned out, but really happy. Halloween was a blast, and I also met Madame Diva.

November - We won the Grey Cup, Knuckle Toes turned the legal drinking age, Micha Barton started hangin 'round The Pub, I got to see Modest Mouse, and I felt stuck in the past, thinking of my lost journals, my dad, and old romances.

- my boobs grew, as did my waist line, I got my Xmas shopping done earlier than ever, and the whole gang went to Small Town for Xmas.

And that's that. Sure, there was much more that went on, but hey, a re-cap is just that, a re-cap. My memories will just have to fill in the blanks to this roller coaster year.

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