Dec 18, 2007

I Heart These Internets.

I spent a bit too much time on the Interweb today, but I did find a few interesting things. If you are like me, and have nothing to do tonight except whine about how sore your ears and head are and watch really, truly bad television for hours on end, take a break for a few minutes, and check out my blog crushes for the day.

Bob Lefsetz wrote a wonderful, heart-wrenching post about the death of Dan Fogelburg, and how his songs make him reminisce about his own life.

The Nervous Axon, got me thinking about my music collection, and what it means to me.

Miss.Nicola, has me thinking about getting my colon cleansed of the twenty pounds of compacted shit it is no doubt harbouring. If Jack Osbourne can do it, why can't I?

As well as perusing blogs, I also perused some Etsy shops, which in the end, just made me act like a big pissy pants, because I can't have my own shop too. The only one I'm going to plug here however, is my friend B-Rock, who has some amazing prints for sale over at brockphotography.
Come on, go buy some!

Well that's all folks, I'm leaving the 'puter for the night. The sex toys will be being delivered soon-ish, and hopefully, I'll be too busy to be playing around here.

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